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May 24, 2007 01:08 PM

does anyone know where to find a good blt in the city?

You know, like the kind they have in New York City. In San Francisco or better yet near Castro? Thanks!

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  1. My favorite BLT in SF is at Just For You. Great quality bacon and fresh baked bread.

    on 22nd street by 3rd in Potrero.

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    1. re: margieco

      How is the food at Just For You, in general?

      1. re: farmersdaughter

        I really like it. standouts are the beigneits and cole slaw. I like getting breakfast items w/ grits and cinnamon raisin toast; lunch things (like crab cake sandwiches!) with coleslaw.
        I don't think I've eve been disappointed w/ a meal there.
        Oh! cash only.

    2. I used to love the BLT on whole grain at Crossroads Cafe near the Embarcadero (and around the corner from their partner, Delancey Street). Nice garden, too.

      1. I like the BLT they make at Tyger's quite a bit. They use a wonderful applewood-smoked bacon and will cook it to order.

        Chenery at Diamond in Glen Park
        San Francisco, CA, 94131
        (415) 239-4060

        1. I love BLT's--from bad diner versions to the upscale (or even vegan) kind. There is one at Chow on Church Street, though I confess I haven't actually had it. It's not always on the menu (they do recurring daily lunch specials). I had a great one at Market at the Ferry Building--not near the Castro, though.

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          1. re: cafecreme

            I like the Chow BLT (they often add avocado), but like any BLT, the quality of the tomatoes make or break it.

            1. re: The Dive

              Agreed, which is why a truly great BLT is basically nonexistent this time of year. Come Summer, I'll be eating two a week.

          2. I've had a pretty good BLT at Myth Cafe - they added melted cheddar cheese which was better than I had suspected.

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            1. re: poulet_roti

              All respect to poulet_roti--I love me some BLTs, but I have to say that the one at Myth stands out as the worst I've had in SF. It's huge and the bread was too thick and too hard--it's almost a little painful to eat. It's really pretty and impressive to look at, but I like more of a diner-style BLT I suppose. I like Tyger's.