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does anyone know where to find a good blt in the city?

You know, like the kind they have in New York City. In San Francisco or better yet near Castro? Thanks!

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  1. My favorite BLT in SF is at Just For You. Great quality bacon and fresh baked bread.

    on 22nd street by 3rd in Potrero.

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      How is the food at Just For You, in general?

      1. re: farmersdaughter

        I really like it. standouts are the beigneits and cole slaw. I like getting breakfast items w/ grits and cinnamon raisin toast; lunch things (like crab cake sandwiches!) with coleslaw.
        I don't think I've eve been disappointed w/ a meal there.
        Oh! cash only.

    2. I used to love the BLT on whole grain at Crossroads Cafe near the Embarcadero (and around the corner from their partner, Delancey Street). Nice garden, too.

      1. I like the BLT they make at Tyger's quite a bit. They use a wonderful applewood-smoked bacon and will cook it to order.

        Chenery at Diamond in Glen Park
        San Francisco, CA, 94131
        (415) 239-4060

        1. I love BLT's--from bad diner versions to the upscale (or even vegan) kind. There is one at Chow on Church Street, though I confess I haven't actually had it. It's not always on the menu (they do recurring daily lunch specials). I had a great one at Market at the Ferry Building--not near the Castro, though.

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            I like the Chow BLT (they often add avocado), but like any BLT, the quality of the tomatoes make or break it.

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              Agreed, which is why a truly great BLT is basically nonexistent this time of year. Come Summer, I'll be eating two a week.

          2. I've had a pretty good BLT at Myth Cafe - they added melted cheddar cheese which was better than I had suspected.

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              All respect to poulet_roti--I love me some BLTs, but I have to say that the one at Myth stands out as the worst I've had in SF. It's huge and the bread was too thick and too hard--it's almost a little painful to eat. It's really pretty and impressive to look at, but I like more of a diner-style BLT I suppose. I like Tyger's.

            2. Hi again -- So far I have tried Taylors (ok - the bacon was a bit chewy) and tygers, which was excellent. this weekend I will try the ferry market and report back. I am going for the authentic blt -- (no trout, advocado or goat cheese - no offense).

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                Try the Hayes St Grill BLT while you're at the Ferry farmers mkt...heaven

              2. I like Max's Cafe near Union Square. I know it's a sort of lowbrow place to dine but I like the BLT&A with avacado.

                1. I've had a good one at Birley's in the FiDi.

                  My very favorite (actually a BLTA; the A is for avocado) is at Caffe Intermezzo in Berkeley. I get the half BLTA and half salad, and each of those halves is equal to a whole in most places.

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                    Intermezzo also has the most yummy PBB&H. Peanut Butter Banana and Honey for the vegetarian in your life.

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                      Love Caffe Intermezzo's poppyseed dressing on their salad, too.

                  2. The BLT at Toast in Noe Valley is excellent. Crisp bacon, thin slices of tomato (not runny) and they add avocado.