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Best Cheese Enchiladas? in NYC?

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I'm mexican and raised in California, but now 15 yrs in NYC. Where can I find good cheese enchiladas? Not dos caminos which is ok but I can't handle the attitude there. Suggestions below 60th street most appreciated!

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  1. lupe's, on 6th ave/broome street (soho)

    1. Sorry but I lived in soho for 5 years and LUPE's is pretty tasteless. Serious, it's like the food looks right but someone forgot to add the flavor. Any other suggestions?

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        then you should've specified 'not lupe's', like you did with dos caminos. i happen to enjoy lupe's, as does the rest of my office.
        good luck finding your perfection.

      2. Don't forget to query the outer borughs board also, if you're willing to trek. Queens has some remarkable and authentic Mexican sports, so I hear.

        1. Ever try Florencia 13 on Sullivan St? I like their fish tacos. Not sure about the cheese enchiladas...

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            Thanks ronoc, I will give it a try next time I'm down there.

          2. Only place I found them that was halfway decent was Tulcingo Del Valle.

            1. I like Los Dos Molinos on East 18th Street, although it's New Mexico style food.

              1. DEL VALLE at 10th ave/46th has'em. which reminds me, i havent been there in awhile.

                the enchiladas at CAFE EL PORTAL are pretty tasty. i dk if they have cheese only, but the cheese is ok there. it's on elizabeth/spring in soho.

                no attitude at these places for sure.