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Anyone try Bistro Basque in Milford, CT yet?

Bistro Basque, new Spanish tapas (I think) place across from MIlford Photo in Downtown Milford. Anyone been yet? Also, Gourmet store next door too--I think it is a chain. If you go, let us know.

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  1. Funny this appeared when it did. I had to be in Milford this morning and drove by Bistro Basque..and was about to post the same as cheereeo!
    Any reviews?

    1. Hi,
      I live in Milford and I didn't think the restaurant had opened as yet. I just called them (11:30am/Friday) and no answer and no answering machine message.
      Bistro Basque
      13 River St
      Milford CT 06460-3313
      Phone: 203-878-2027

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        Also a milford resident; we're planning to drop by this weekend, and will report back :).

        1. re: ewanm

          I drove by again today and noticed that they were, in fact, open. Apparently, the phone # above is the line for their credit card machine!
          The menu, while relatively short, looked very enticing, with a nice selection of tapas and about 8 main dishes.
          More to follow

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            I always wondered why Tapas are so hot in CT?? I did some reaserch into it about 4 years ago and CT and NY where leaders in the tapas bars!!?!?

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              We just returned from dinner at Bistro Basque and I am happy to report it is a very welcome addition to the dining scene in Milford. Beautifully designed (albeit VERY loud), it evokes a very hip, New York atmosphere in a formerly decrepit block in Milford.
              The food was excellent. Codfish fritters as tapas as well as couple of salads were uniformly delicious as well as beautifully presented. My wife had the mahi mahi on the menu and I had monkfish as a special, and both were excellent.
              The carmelized fruit crepe made a wonderful desert.
              We were delighted to see Oswaldo, formerly of the much missed Marbella in Stratford, who took wonderful care of us.
              We will definitely return very soon.
              P.S. The only downside was that they do not take reservations on weekends, and while we had no trouble getting in at 8:45, I have a feeling that as the word spreads, it might become difficult getting in at prime hours.

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                In the early 80’s, a restaurant called “Meson Galicia” opened in Norwalk, CT. The original location was on the Norwalk/Westport line, but then moved to Main St, downtown Norwalk. The owner then opened another place, a tapas place in New Haven and place in NYC. I think the one in NYC has closed or changed hands, but this man, Ignacio, was the first of many Spanish places in the area. His chef opened another place in Norwalk (across the street from Meson Galicia) called Mecca, which, I’ve heard, is very good.

      2. I am more than miffed!!! We have eaten there twice (the last time being this past Saturday night) and have enjoyed it immensely both times. We had none of the problems that you mentioned. In fairness, one of the waiters knows us and the owner recognized us as diners at a restaurant in Soho several years ago (Cote d'Azur). Both times found the food to be very good (albeit not extraordinary) and the service was both attentive and solicitous. Both my wife and I are "foodies" and would not patronize any restaurant that did not treat us well or provide us with quality food.
        The first time we dined alone, and this past Saturday we brought another couple with us who also really enjoed the meal.
        Go figure!

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          anyone know what their sunday hours might be. They do not answer the phone # above. I am going this sunday afternoon if they are open. Thanks, Richie

          1. re: javaandjazz

            it turns out that the number listed above is their fax number. You'll have to call directory assistance to get the correct one!

            1. re: lsnhc

              That number does not even work as a fax number.

              1. re: javaandjazz

                This is from their website:
                We are conveniently located at 591 Boston Post Road in Milford, CT 06460. Tel 203-283-5033 / Fax 203-283-5035.

                For reservations, please call us at 203-283-5033.

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                  Bistro Basque is located in downtown Milford not on the Boston Post Road

                  13 River St
                  Milford CT 06460

                  Here's the working phone number, I just tried it and got automated response with hours of operation
                  (203) 878-2092

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                    HI, What is their website, I can't seem to find it. Thanks, Richie

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                      I got the phone number from yellowpages.com

                      we ate there in June. on the back of their menu was their website which I have tried a few times since and it is always "under construction"

                      now today I can't exactly remember it and too much time has passed and my computer won't bring it up automatically

                      it was bistrobasque with either a "usa" or "us" in it somewhere

                    2. re: cheereeo

                      PLEASE FORGIVE ME. THIS IS WRONG; I have my restaurants confused. I'm watching two Milford threads and got confused. What a bimbo! Sorry.

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                        I just got home from here. Went with one of my friends. We had an early dinner...got here around 5pm. Milford is starting to feel like NYC now! We both shared the portuguese sausage and apple appetizer and the goat cheese and tomato toasts. They both were excellent. My friend had the lamb chops or lamb lollipops and I had the flank steak. Both came with ratatouille(sp?) and gratin potatoes. His lamb was excellent. He passed a lollipop over to me and I gave him a nice piece of the very tender flank steak. Mine had a pepper corn sauce over the steak. He had the orange flan for dessert and I had a not so sweet apple tart. I would have preferred it a bit sweeter but it was still enjoyable. The staff was very friendly and so was the owner. I will definitely go back again. Also, next door is a new upscale gourmet shop that just opened 3 weeks ago. It's called Villa Gourmet and I felt like I was down in Westport being in this shop. It's beautiful. What's happening to the old Milford? It's becoming so Fairfield County now! Richie

            2. What a pleasure it has been to find a gourmet restaurant in the heart of our own town of Milford. We have been there twice, with friends from Ireland and on both occasions have found the staff to be friendly, efficient and helpful. Add to that delicious food, perfectly cooked and presented has resulted in two very enjoyable evenings. Our friends who have traveled many times to France, felt that this restaurant compared favorably with their experiences there. If you are looking for the speedy diner type experience please don't go to Bistro Basque. However, if you are looking for a relaxing, European style environment... where food is not rushed and the speed of service is always secondary to the culinary experience this is the restaurant for you. We look forward to returning very soon.

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              1. re: Denise Reilly

                Finally made it here, for a 'datenight': called up ~5 p.m. on Thurs to be told 'booked, but patio space available' - in fact, when we opted for a/c they found us a 2-person table inside (although it was, indeed, full). This place is LOUD - so next time we'll wait for autumn and go for the patio - but the food ranged from good (portugese sausage, desserts) to great (white asparagus with ham and manchego, foie gras, paella). Staff were friendly and competent (although it was interesting hearing different descriptions of the same dishes from different staff!), and all-around highly recommended. My mojito was not great, but the food was easily good enough to compensat, frankly. We'll be back soon.

              2. The correct phone number for Bistro Basque is: (203) 878-2092.
                Be sure to check out the back courtyard/patio, it's adorable. An old wheelbarrow and metal trash can (used during the patio construction) have been creatively transformed into cute planters for flowers and fresh herbs. Same thing with a clawfoot tub out there, it has flowers and fresh basil growing in it. Very pretty.
                See review in this week's New Haven Advocate:

                1. I started with the escargot... OMG it practically melted in my mouth so so delicious. Better than any I've had, even in France! Excellent Filet mignon. Courteous and friendly staff. I can't wait to go back. I highly recommend.

                  1. Amazing again and again. I think i've been there more times than I can count now! I noticed a huge difference in the noise lately. Looks like they added some cool panels to the ceiling to cut down on the music echoing through the place. I didn't have to yell over my meal this time! And it makes the place look more hip than before. :) PS. The Veal osso bucco was to DIE for! YUM!

                    As for the gourmet food store next door, I thought it was a chain as well, but found out it's not. Just a catchy name i suppose. The cheeses there are by far the best I've seen or tried in the area. Yay for Milford gaining some class and sophistication!!

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                      After an absence of a couple of months, we went to Bistro Basque again last night and the food was really excellent - they just seem to be getting better and better. As always, David (the owner) and Leonardo (headwaiter) greeted us very warmly and everything we ate was absolutely delicious.
                      Endive salad (3 of them)
                      Tuna tartare
                      Scallops (2 orders)
                      Sea Bass
                      Paella ( a delicious version very reasonably priced at $18)
                      2 desserts
                      The addition of the ceiling panels really did make the sound level far more tolerable and also added to the decor.
                      As I stated several months ago, Bistro Basque is a very welcome addition to downtown Milford and should continue to prosper.
                      One other thing: They are now acception dinner reservations (up to now, a no-reservation policy).

                      1. re: flynker80

                        Re: Villa Gourmet--yes, I agree. Excellent cheeses. A few weeks ago, I bought some of the creamiest brie you can imagine..it was WAY better than any I've gotten in the past!

                      2. My wife, myself, and her parents went to Bistro Basque this evening upon a recommendation from an acquaintance. Nice atmosphere, gracious and attentive service; an all around good dining experience. Everything we had was excellent, but there were a few real standouts:

                        The sauage and apple compote appetizer is a true winner. The sausage was fantastically flavorful, and was a surprising dark color throughout, probably due to a marinade of some kind.
                        I got the squid in ink sauce, which was very good as well.

                        1. The review in the Connecticut section of today's New York Times only rated Bistro Basque a "good," which is actually worse than it sounds, since the Connecticut section is a lot more generous than the regular Times reviews.

                          The reviewer liked some dishes but found that others were overcooked or missed a beat. The reviewer also found the place to be too expensive overall.

                          I haven't been there yet myself, so I have nothing personal to add. Curious what others think.

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                          1. re: shoes

                            I can only state my opinion, regardless of the Times' review. We have eaten there several times since its opening, and in my opinion, it only gets better and better. We ate there with our sons on New Years Eve and had an absolutely superb experience. Everything we ordered was absolutely terrific and even though it was rather hectic due to the occasion, the owner David and headwaiter Leonardo were gracious and took the time and effort to make each of us feel very comfortable. While the prices are not cheap, they do seem to be in line with most of the new Milford eateries. In another thread, two other new restaurants (Bin 100 and The Bridge House) are discussed and each of them are as expensive (or more so) than Bistro Basque.

                            1. re: lsnhc

                              I read the review and found it a bit off base. Most of the restaurants reviewed in the Connecticut section are at least as expensive and often times more expensive than Bistro Basque...and yet no commentary is made by the reviwer about the prices.

                              I have only had great experiences with this restaurant and would recommend it highly. No...it's not cheap but it seems like it has been unfairly singled out. My sense is that the reviewer had some soprt of hidden agenda with this review.

                          2. Tried it last night for the first time. First of all, the area is really improving and it's a nice option for going out these days - a hip, city vibe is starting to develop. The review in the New York Times as "good" was right on. Our appetizers were excellent - the codfish balls were out of this world! The best that my date and I have ever had in our lives and he is Portugese and knows a thing or two about these things. And, our goat cheese toast with salad was delicious along with the house Rioja.

                            But, when we got to our entrees, the tone of the meal changed. My date ordered flank steak and it was not only tough but the sauce didn't mesh well with the meat. I ordered some sides and they were just o.k. - potato gratin and ratatouille.

                            We were excited for the molten lava chocolate cake for dessert but it was neither molten nor lava. It was simply like a chocolate flan, which disappointed my date as he is anti-flan. It was o.k., not great.

                            As we were getting ready to leave, we heard the nightly specials told to other diners and were disappointed they were not shared with us as they sounded delicious.

                            To sum, we are definitely returning for appetizers and wine. I can't even tell you how amazing those codfish balls were - go there just for them!

                            1. Bistro Basque got a nice write-up in today's New Haven Register - here's a link.

                              1. Have tried Bistro Basque several times and not impressed. Over priced and food ok... too many good restaurants to waste time on medicore. Also tried Bridge House recently. Food was good until I found a hair in my dish and lost my appetite. Unfortunately, it did not appear to be a concern to the establishment, which was extremly surprising. Needless to say, I am willing to return any time soon. I am looking forward to Bin 100. Have heard wonderful things and friends adore it. Al Dente also very good and always consistent.

                                1. Wonderful place. Superb appetizers and worth the wine. Service is exceptionally helpful. Be sure and meet David, the owner. Makes me feel I am in Spain or France.