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May 24, 2007 12:22 PM

Latin brunch spot right off Knox-Henderson- Dallas

I'm a NYC chowhound that used to live in Dallas 2+ years ago. I'm making my very first return visit to Dallas next weekend and want to visit some of my favorite food spots. #1 is this restaurant that was right off Knox-Henderson, latin type food that made wonderful pasteries and had a great brunch. I remember it was on the west side of 75 on a side street between Z Gallery and a car wash, but can't think of the name for the life of me. Can you let me know if it's still around and still any good?

If it's long gone some other recommendations would be greatly appreciated in the Highland Park/SMU to Uptown area. I'm no longer the starving college student I was in my Dallas days and am treating my sister (the starving college student), so food and service reign over price.


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  1. La Duni. It's still good.

    If you want to treat your sister right, take her to Yutaka (best sushi in Dallas) and Lola's Tasting Room.

    She'll be happy and you'll once again be broke!

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    1. re: Epicurious Esquire

      I remember Lola's, had a nice dinner there shortly before I left for NYC. Do they have a brunch? I probably wasn't clear but that's what I'm looking for. I remember loving Lola's, so thank you very much for the suggestion.

    2. I think you are remembering La Duni.

      There's also some interesting places in Snyder Plaza you might check out.

      1. A few other places close to SMU: Just across 75 on Henderson, there are 2 good restaurants (not Lola good, but Lola may be too chi-chi for a college student, and could break the bank if your sister brings friends) Hector's and Hibiscus; Fireside Pies (excellent pizza and salads); 2 bars with really good bar food (Old Monk and Vickery Park); and, farther down Henderson, Cafe San Miguel (one of my favorite Mexican places). Also just east of 75, on Mockingbird, in what you may remember as the Hilltop Inn, is Central 214 (which I recommend) and the new version of the old Trader Vic's (which I recommend for strong fruity drinks with umbrellas in them).

        And, as others have noted, La Duni is still good.

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        1. re: Dallas Alice

          Thank you. I remember Fireside Pies and had eaten there often before I left the city. Old Monk was one of my favorite bars next to the Gingerman, if only there were places like that in NYC. I just wish I had more time in Dallas to enjoy my old haunts and explore some new ones.

        2. I took a very picky friend visiting from San Francisco to La Duni. His family is from Brazil and he was blown away by the food. He didn't expect Dallas to have anything better than what he could find in S.F.

          For brunch, our personal favorites are: Orange brioche French Toast, Huevos Finos (eggs benedict), Chile Relleno, and the very decadent Cinnamon Brioch w/caramelized pecans.

          Don't miss the freshly squeezed lemon limeade or mint limeade. If you don't mind having alcohol for lunch, order the Caipirinha or Cuban Mojito. Both may be one of the best mixed drinks ever made (if you like fresh mint/lime). They don't use a mix and actually use REAL sugar.

          Darn - I may have to go there tonight now....