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May 24, 2007 12:05 PM

Butcher in st-lawrence market?

I am a devotee of Cumbrae's for meat, but I just moved near the st-lawrence market. Can anyone recommend the best butcher there?

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  1. Overall they are all pretty good. My personal fave though is Whitehouse meats. Really nice, really interesting selection.


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      Great poultry Sat. only - New Market
      Rowe's and Clements.
      Organic and excellent.
      As for butchers, not much difference between them
      have found fresh baby ribs, nice small racks of lamb (next to Whitehouse) and they cryovac them for me.
      Coming from the back of the market, the booth at the very front left always seem to stock real double brisket, which is always difficult to find, unless I pre-order from Cumbrae.
      Same booth always have sweetbreads very reasonably priced.
      I have never found excellent steaks. but cooking for a crowd in the summer, I just see what looks marbled, and is no longer a "bright pink" colour, and they are usually very good..
      I often go with an open mind and just wander to see what looks good that day.
      Shopping the market is fun.

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        I like Brown's, especially for pork. I shop there every week.

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          I hear you on Brown's. Their good and they're much cheaper than in the grocery stores too. My mom always had me buy her a pork roast everytime I swung by.

      2. I like Whiteven in preference to the rest. I find their cuts to be better and they are more willing to/give less hassle when asked to do special cuts protions etc . . . But, they tend to be just a little more pricey than most of the rest -- except Whitehouse. Now, I find Whitehouse to be overpriced, surly and only worth shopping with you want something only they carry (e.g. elk).

        On Saturdays, I don't mind Rowe Valley.

        But, all and all, I would still plan on going to Cumbraes for anything special.

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          Whiteveen is my favourite too. Mostly because I can get a Tri Tip there.


        2. You don't need to give up Cumbrae's because you've moved near the SLM. You'll find many of the butchers carry their product. Just look for the distinctive Cumbrae's green sticker on the packaging.

          As for the SLM butchers, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. I suggest you experiment around to find what you like where you like. I personally go to 6 different ones for what I want. In the main I go to Diliso's as I find their price:quality very reasonable for everyday fare.

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            True -- Deliso's is often cheapest and It is still certainly serviceable for everyday stuff.

          2. At SLM it is Whitehouse Meats for me. They will do any special cuts I need and they are always throwing some freebie in the bag. I wouldn't call them surly but you have to be up for some banter back and forth, which I love.

            Scheffler's Deli for cheeses and deli meats. Serrano.

            And Rowe Farms on Saturday in the North Market is outstanding. I believe I've raved on and on about their bacon before.

            Diliso's used to have Cumbrae Chicken but they haven't carried it for a while, but their capon is great.

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              Rowe Farm maple breakfast sausages are also suuuper yummy!

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                OMG, I almost forgot, their Mexican Sausage are out of this world.

            2. Hi,
              I am Jp and was a former butcher at the St Lawrence market. Ironically, I now work at Cumbrae's on Church st. Well you want to go at the Whitehouse Meat, which is near future bakery, in St Lawrence Market for the best meat in the market, ask for Derick there, and even mention my name as reference.

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                Thanks everyone! I will definitely check out Whitehouse meats.