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May 24, 2007 12:04 PM

Charlotte to Boone, NC on US-321

Will be flying into Charlotte Airport, staying one night and driving to Blowing Rock NC and then back with 8 month old week of July 4th. Need good chow stops around airport and along the way in Hickory and Gastonia, and then for Boone. Will have one night in Blowing Rock without baby and would like to try something new. Not impressed with Twigs or Crippens, have had great meals at the Cellar, but don't need anything that fancy.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Bistro Roca in Blowing Rock -- casual but not seedy. Good selection of wine and beer, knowledgeable staff (many are themselves enthusiasts), comfortable bar. Wood-fired oven, food is imaginative without being bizarre. Last time I was there I had a pizza with duck breast, goat cheese and dried cherries, which I liked quite a bit.

    For meat and taters or a good breakfast, try Knights on Main. Good meatloaf, fried oysters on Fridays, southern-style vegetables with sweet pepper relish. Desserts aren't much, but that's pretty much true throughout the high country.

    Frederick Coffee (formerly of Coffee's in Boone) and Tina Houston (formerly of The Old Jailhouse in Boone) are opening a breakfast and lunch place in the old Sunny's Grill in Blowing Rock. From what I understand, should be open by the time you're here. Based on track record of Frederick and Tina, worth a try.

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      Jep, I walked by the old Sunny's Grill spot this week and wondered what was going in. That is a good combination. I hope the menu offers some of the small dishes and 1oz wines that I loved about Coffee's. I agree with what you said about Bistro Roca. They have a nice shaded porch and I love the salad trio/duo they serve with entrees as well. I need to get over to Knights sometime for lunch and dinner...always my favorite breakfast place in the area with the exception of Broyhill's Sunday brunch blow-out. Storey's on Main is casual and has a solid lunch menu...have never been there for dinner.

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        Loved the old jailhouse, but it was closed last time we were in boone. is sunny's the always packed biscuit place? did they move or shut down? thanks for the suggestions, will try out Bistro Roca and hopefully the new place & give a full chow report upon my return.

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          Sonny's is the place downtown Blowing Rock that looks like a 1950's lunch counter. As I understand it, after Sonny died, his family ran it for a while. Not sure what, if any, connection there will be with the new place, or if they will keep or change the name.