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May 24, 2007 11:57 AM

Suhrabal Korean BBQ

Anyone go to this place? There was an unfortunate shooting there a couple of days ago.

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  1. i was there last saturday. i've always liked this place overall. the 4 of us had the $70 bbq combo and kalbitang. and beer. the service was very attentive, especially for ktown. too attentive, actually. i felt a bit rushed sice the staff kept throwing the meat on the grill, but that may have been just a personal preference. the meat quality does not match park's, but i would say on par with chosun.

    i guess i can't recommend the place due to the recent events. unfortunate as it may be, this is not an uncommon event in ktown establishments.

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    1. re: smssms

      "unfortunate as it may be, this is not an uncommon event in ktown establishments."

      i am curious why you said that........

      1. re: wilafur

        Maybe because on the news last night they said there have been several shootings in Koreatown in the last few months, and I believe some were in restaurants.

    2. The food there is quite good. Less expensive than Park's and Chosun I think. The shooting incident is very unfortunate but I hear they are back to business as usual. (One of the owners was killed.)

      1. I was just there with a large group of people. We ordered a lot of food (11 dishes for 9 people) and it came out to $27 per person tax and tip inclusive; more expensive than Soot Bul Gui Rim but cheaper than Cham Sut Gol.

        Overall, I liked the meal but it wasn't the best. It is charcoal bbq but the flavor of the coals really didn't penetrate the meat like at other places.

        Word through the Korean grapevine is that the incident was due to a love triangle. I wanted to post my review on this board but I think that I'll wait a while.

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        1. re: Bon Vivant

          Why are you waiting to post??

          Which Korean place do you like the best or which place that serves Korean food would you recommend? I really like K. food.

          1. re: hazelnutty

            Well, I do have Suhrabal in the can (downloaded videos before dog ate camera cable) but I didn't want to appear insensitve or opportunistic by posting it so soon after the tradegy.

            So far my favorite bubbaque place is Sa Rit Gol. It's not charcoal bubbaque but the meat is high quality and the dippie sauces first rate. The added plus is that their pan chan are excellent and the other dishes as well (cod, pancake, etc.)


            1. re: Bon Vivant

              I went onto your blog to check out Sa Rit Gol but you do not have any pictures posted. I googled it and somebody else had pictures. It does look good. Thanks.

          2. re: Bon Vivant

            I, too, heard the same thing through the korean grapevine.

            I applaud your sensitivity :)

            1. re: MeowMixx

              well, latimes is blaring the love triangle on their site. doh!