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May 24, 2007 11:47 AM

Beer Town on Wilshire and St. Andrews

Okay, so I've been going to Koreatown quite a bit lately. Maybe it's because I need a vacation. Having lived in LA for about six years now, I've been discouraged quite a bit from going anywhere to eat or drink down there. All those people who told me "no" are stupid, I now believe.

After eating at a BBQ place the lady and I happened upon Beertown, a very clean yet hole-in-the-wall dive/sports/bar/restaurant--it was just so many things at once. Being right next to Mr. Pizza Factory helped this place a lot...

Can I just say I had a positively lovely time? It was incredible and the beer I ordered was GIGANTIC! For a mere twenty bucks I was pleasured to have about 3 liters of beer. The beer wasn't that good, Budweiser to be exact. But to have so much in such a fun setting with lovely was a good time.

Everyone should go there once.

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  1. thanks for the review. i've driven by it so many time i'll stop and partake in the 3 liters of beer (hopefully i can get something better than bud). mmm! beer!

    btw, how was the food?

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      Haven't had the food yet...but there's some interesting stuff on there.

      They have a pig's foot dish that I'm dying to try.

    2. Sounds perfect! I've been doing K-Town a ton lately, too, and really love these beer bars. BF and I recently tried OB Bear - sounds very similar in the divey/sports bar/beer place aspect PLUS the food is great. Had some absolutely mind blowing, fatty, incendiary, chile-sauce-soaked, crispy chicken wings. You can get them less hot, too, but then I've got chile addiction issues. Perfect accompaniment to the cheap pitcher of Hite beer. Really, really nice servers and fun place to hang, have a snack, get faced and people watch.

      OB Bear (has a bear on the sign above door)
      3002 W 7th St (two blocks east of Vermont)
      Los Angeles, CA 90005

      Read about it in Gold's Top 40 Koreatown list, which led me recently to this OCD creation - I did a map of all those places with snippets of his reviews. Here's the link:

      I know a few places on that list have moved or closed by now, but his list seemed like good place to start when you don't know what to try first. Koreatown is fascinating, gigantic, welcoming, and just feels like you're in another city somehow. I'm kinda in love with it. Keep the tips coming!

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