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PTown, Truro and Wellfleet

We need a few recommendations for these towns at the end of the cape. Not interested in fried clams and place should have decent adult beverages. Last time we let other friends make plans and I don't think that they knew of a place that didn't specialize in fried everything. Thanx

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  1. There's an excellent ice cream shoppe on Rte 6 in Truro. She designs exquisite flavors and it's really divine!

    The Bookstore in Wellfleet is great -- not the best food ever, but really cozy and cute, lots of regulars hang out there. I had a fantastic creamy tortellini dish there and the bar is fun and always packed.

    If you like wine, check out the vineyard in Truro for a tasting.

    I find Ptown overpriced - although I must say that there is a fantastic little place on the pier for lobster bisque. It's a fish market with lots of buoys strung all over the outside. I'm from a coastal town with lots of seafood places so I usually avoid fish joints but the bisque at this place is just exquisite. I like to get it to go and lap it up at one of the National Seashore beaches.

    You can get a permit to make a fire on the beach in Wellfleet (I think, or Truro? call the Chamber to check) and then you could cook some fresh seafood yourself on the fire at sunset!

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      Finely JP'S on route 6 in wellfleet always works.

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        Hi Foxy Fairy,

        Do you know the name of the ice cream store or can you give me an idea of what side of Rte 6 and any other landmarks? I'm on my way to Truro Saturday and am already craving non-store bought ice cream.

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          The Ice Cream place is called "Sweet Escapes". If you're heading toward P-Town, it's on the left hand side, in North Truro. It *used* to be Highland Creamery, which was my favorite spot on the Cape. I went last weekend, and it's now this new place--the people there said that Highland Creamery was their tenants, they didn't renew the lease and decided to open up on the same spot.

          The ice cream was very good, and the place is pretty, with nice outdoor seating, but it's not as good as Highland Creamery was, IMHO.

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            I haven't been to the Highland Creamery for years - we used to camp out in Truro and take the kids there after dinner. I'm sorry to hear that it's gone. I just learned that Noreen's is also gone from the Top Mast Motel and is at a motel in Ptown- The Crown & Anchor?
            We'll definitely try Sweet Escapes..
            We went to an Emac and Bolio's in downtown Wellfleet last year and had a cone. Nice to walk around with an ice cream and do some window shopping.

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              No more bubble machine, which kills me, and no "birthday cake" flavor. I found my ice cream there to be underwhelming and under-flavored.

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                If you can't wait until Truro, I would also recommend Nauset Ice Cream in North Eastham. On the right hand side of Rt 6 (as you drive towards Ptown), just past the Brackett Road intersection (Ben and Jerry's at that intersection). Conveniently located next to the Friendly Fisherman, too.....in case you want a yummy lunch!!

          2. In Wellfleet: The Wicked Oyster shoudl fit the bill: great food, very good bar.

            1. Lobster pot In p town. Good seafood,and you can have a drink or two!

              1. May I reccomend Bubala's on The Bay in PTown- great fish (not everything is fried), nice bar with fantastic adult drinks. All 7 of us were quite pleased. Very nice servers, an outdoor patio, and parking!

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                  Has anyone been to L'Uva in P-Town? I took a weeklong cooking course at Toscana Saporita cooking school in Italy this past November and one of the instructors is the owner of L'Uva. Just curious as to how this restaurant is. I'll have to plan a trip up there soon.

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                    Was going to recommend this place----we're just not that P-town knowledgeable, so maybe there's better and we just didn't know it....We ate there, outdoors, last summer w/two children and it was great. Good drinks, solidly good food.

                    We were in Wellfleet yesterday and drove by the Wicked Oyster and I commented out loud that I must eat there this summer, as I have heard it's excellent.

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                      We ate at the Wicked Oyster last summer and it is good upscale restaurant with reservations a must! Specify sitting on the porch. Our favorites in Ptown are Fanizzi's and Pepi's Wharf for adult drinks and Ciro and Sal's for dinner. Again you need to make reservations for C and Sal's. They have the old favorite red sauce dishes but also do a beautiful job with seafood. I had a scallop special last summer and my never eats seafood husband had to be restrained from eating half of my entree. The Lobster Pot is a tourist trap but okay for lunch. Noreen's in North Truro is wonderful and now serves dinner but we've only gone there for breakfast - fabulous food. On the list for dinner this summer.(It's at the Top Mast Motel)
                      I think Clem and Ursie's is fun and I like their food but it isn't for everyone. A bit of amob scene and you have to get your own table and order and pay first at the window and then they give you a number to post at your table so the wait staff can bring your drinks and food. Great fish and adult drinks though!

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                        ciro and sals good italian foods

                  2. If you like wine, don't bother stopping at Truro Winery. It is fair at best.

                    1. In PTown, we like The Mews but it can be a bit pricey and busy this tme of year. My wife likes Ciro and Sal's and her mother's italian. We like Clem and Urses but don't think it's nearly as good as it was years ago. They do carry larger lobsters than most places have, however. Try bloody merrys at Verillies. They infuse the vodka with garlic, sun dried tomatos, peppers and what ever. Depending on how many you have they can be quite decent to great, if not a bit tomatoee. Also, last time there they had a lunch special -10 bucks (if I remember correctly) for a decent mayo lobster roll...haven't tried anything else there. It's kind of for an older crowd. If you're not too hard to please (we're not) almost any of the places are ok, but not spectacular. Also, we usually don't eat where you can't have a drink and in PTown, you'll have to search for those places. In Wellfleet, we like the Bookstore. They have their own shellfish beds out in front of the place. Try the oyster stew or poorboy. Also, if your a rum drinker, they have a great selection for a smaller bar. The one of time we were able to get into (read busy) the Wicked Oyster we enjoyed it. If you get tired of the night sceen, I know this will sound crazy, but the movie nights at the Cape Inn (?), just outside of PTown can offer a break and the pizza isn't too bad. You sit in lounge booths or at the bar and they play kinda recent releases on a smallish movie screen. Has sometimes been dead and other times very interesting. Did I say we are easy to please? Also, we've had great times at the bar/rest. at Cahoon Hollow beach...can never remember the name eventhough we've had season parking passes! Food's ok plenty of drinks and a lively spot. I'm sure someone hear knows the name of the place. Enjoy

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                        Ah, sweet memories.... that would be the Beachcomber, or the "Coma" after you've had a few too many. <grin>

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                          The Mews has over 200 different vodkas and great food.

                        2. Set aside and evening to have dinner at Chester in Provincetown. It is elegant, relaxed and the food is very refined. And remember to finish your dinner with their cheese plate and a Belle de Brillet. So good!

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                            Chester is gone. I understand it closed at the end of last season.

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                              Yup. Chester is no longer with us, leaving The Mews as my one favorite high-end place in P-Town.

                              One other good place worth mentioning is Mac's Shack, which opened last summer in Wellfleet on the road to the town pier. Top-notch sushi and v. good entrees in the $20+ zone.

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                                I've asked this before and I'll try again, has anyone ever been to L'Uva in P-Town? I'm going there tomorrow night for dinner.

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                                  I'm so sorry to hear it. We haven't been to the Cape yet this year (obviously!).

                              2. For snacking in P-Town, hit the Portuguese bakery. Order A Bifana (boneless marinated pork steak in a roll) and grab some baked sweets from the bakery case. The Bifna is the best sandwich I've had theis summer.

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                                  I second the rec for the Portuguese bakery........ mmmmmmmmm!!

                                2. There is a pretty good restaurant called Terra Luna on Rte 6A in North Truro. I went because it got some chowhound raves, but I must say I was disappointed in a number of ways. It's quaint and rustic, but exceedingly stuffy and hot inside. The vegan polenta lasagna I ordered came swimming in a pool of oily sauce and was therefore soggy. It promised polenta griddle cake (presumably to take the role of the pasta noodles), but this was the size of a silver dollar pancake and there was only one of them. On the plus side, the vegetables (zucchini, roasted tomatoes) were delicious. I tasted my dinner companion's striped bass entree, which was OK but not amazing. The blackberry-polenta custard dessert was very good. Overall I thought it was a bit overpriced for what it was and the stuffiness made dinner uncomfortable. The service was pretty good, however.

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                                    Went there a few days ago. Agree with the last report.

                                    Three of us went there for dinner on a Sunday night. Our Truro summer resident host recommended the roast cod with gnocchi in mushroom broth which he ordered. The two of us had, respectively the lobster with pasta in tomato sauce, and a pasta dish with currants, pine nuts, oil and other bits and pieces. The food is very uneven. The cod dish is excellent, pasta and bits is OK, but the lobster dish was very weak.

                                    If everyone ordered cod, the resto would have high ratings, but that is not going to happen. The lobster dish had some pieces of not very fresh lobster meat in a sauce that lacked all crustacean flavor. In contrast to the cod which had a richly reduced intense mushroom flavor, no effort had been made to make a shell-fish broth of comparable intensity.

                                    For starters the cold red pepper soup was very good, a bit like a gazpacho.
                                    The wine list is limited and not very imaginative. We got an Australian shiraz which on first tasting was just feh, but after a spoon-full of the red pepper soup improved greatly.

                                    Service is fine, though I noticed it was a but uneven since a table next door, filled much before our arrival, got its food several minutes after ours. They seemed to be anxiously wondering when they could stop drinking and start eating. Or perhaps they did not mind drinking. There are not enough windows for the place to lack air conditioning. It is a bit hot and stuffy so it is not recommended for a humid evening.

                                    If you like cod with mushroom broth and red pepper gazpacho and it is a comfortable evening, try it, but don't order anything else and hope the weather does not change.

                                    31 bucks for that lobster dish was a rip-off. High twenties for the cod while steep was possibly worth the cost.

                                    We had some Clem & Ursie pie waiting at the house so we skipped dessert. BTW their pies, sold at the Hillside Mkt. (sp?) on the east bound side of Rt. 6 in Truro, near the Whitman House Resto, are very good. We tried blueberry and mixed berry. I prefer the blueberry since it was more juicy, but both are worth a bite or two.