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May 24, 2007 11:29 AM

Midpriced, vegetarian-friendly dinner in manhattan?

We are 3 late 20s ladies who are in manhattan (staying in the theater district, but location isn't terribly important) for one night this weekend. Two of us are vegetarian (milk and eggs ok) and the other pretty much hates all vegetables. No Indian restaurants, please. Can someone recommend a fun place to go for dinner and drinks where there are some good veggie options? We would like to go someplace a bit nice since we're only here for one night. Thanks!

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  1. Josie's - cute, trendy, loudish, ok (but not superb) food. 3rd avenue in the high 30's. They have meat dishes as well as veggie.

    Perbacco - on 4th st near ave B - good regional Italian small dishes. THey have salads, pastas, and small plates that are vegetarian friendly. Small, but cosy, and very good food.

    For higher end - try grammercy tavern - I've had their vegetarian tasting meal there and it's pretty good. Of course, they have other types of dishes as well.

    1. I really like Counter, on 1st avenue between 6th and 7th in the east village. Sort of a hip/upscale vibe with cool drinks and an interesting vegetarian (possibly vegan, i can't remember...) menu and the prices are fairly varied -- some entrees are more than others, sandwiches a bit cheaper. Check it out.

      If you want Italian, Gnocco on east 10th is good. There are tons and ton of italian places that might fit your bill but I've been to Gnocco recently so that one came to mind.

      Enjoy your night in NYC.

      1. Gobo on 6th ave in the village is good

        1. I am a massive fan of Caravan of Dreams. I'm a total omnivore - and meat lover - and have been going to this completely-vegetarian restaurant for years. It's very cozy and eclectic, and the food is delicious and filling. I recommend the salad, the pesto pasta, and absolutely the Santa Maria stirfry. And they have great sangria!

          1. If you've got the time and the cash, both Aquavit and Grammercy Tavern do nice vegetarian tasting menus along with their regular ones (so does Per Se,'re talking a lot of money).

            I normally dislike veggie restaurants and love a good steak, but I am suprisingly in love with Gobo, a Vegan restaurant in the West Village. We always treat it like tapas and order tons of small tasting plates. Still the vegetable hatred might pose a problem there.