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May 24, 2007 11:19 AM


Does anyone have a good recipe for Limoncello? I would like to make it in time for my BBQ on Monday.

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  1. 1. Run to Liquor Store
    2. Buy Limoncello

    A limoncello infusion won't be ready for Monday.

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    1. re: Scottes

      just realized that as I was reading through other posts.....
      I seem to remember a MArtha Stewart recipe that took only a few days though....

      1. re: mlucier

        Scottes is on the money. The alcohol and peeled lemon needs to stew for at least two weeks, but a month is much better.

    2. I've had limoncello with champagne - and it makes a good cocktail.

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        1. re: obob96

          Here's another recipe that I tried and it was quite good. I got it from a website but I can't remember which one. I used Meyer lemons though the recipe didn't specify. Also, I've been using a microplane zester and it works very well to remove just the yellow part with the aromatic components.

          12 lemons
          1 liter grain alcohol
          Remove only the yellow part of the lemon rinds, add alcohol and let stand for 4 weeks.
          1.5 liters water
          700 grams sugar
          Boil sugar and water to make syrup, add to alcohol mix and let stand approx. 4 weeks
          Strain and bottle.

          The only thing I did differently was to strain the material from the alcohol before adding the syrup. I used cheese cloth. It's worth buying some pharmaceutical grade cheesecloth if you get into making liqueurs and such. Much better than the stuff in the store and you can wash and reuse it many times. Also I didn't wait 4 weeks after adding the syrup to the alcohol.


          1. re: taco clandestino

            Liters and grams, English please!? hehe

          2. re: obob96

            I've had great luck with the slowtrav recipe; homemade limoncello is so much better (and stronger) that store bought

            1. re: amp156

              I made some a few weeks ago and I must say it is better after sitting for a few weeks. I used one bottle of Everclear and the skin of 10 lemons, but I only let it sit for 6 days. When I pulled the peels out they were very brittle and had no color left to them what so ever. Should I have let it sit longer?

              1. re: rafjr00

                Did you water to cut the everclear. I have a lot of it and thought to substitute for the vodka. Was yours real lemony, that's what i want.

                1. re: paprkutr

                  Yes, I added 6 1/2 cups of single strength simply syrup. It does have a very nice lemony bite to it. Have been using it to make some nice whiskey sours.

            2. re: obob96

              Those "thick skinned" lemons sound like Sorrento Lemons. Gordon Elliot, on his program "Follow That Food," spotlighted these beauties not long ago. He spoke with the grower of organic Sorrento lemons and he made Limoncello.
              Here's the recipe as noted on Food Network site:

              Limoncello Recipe courtesy Sergio Massa
              Show: Follow That Food
              Episode: Follow That Lemon

              2 pounds lemons
              35 ounces vodka
              2 pounds sugar
              35 ounces water

              Peel all the skins off of the lemons. Only the yellow part should be peeled. Add the lemon peels to the alcohol, and keep for 3 to 4 days in a cool place. Once the alcohol has been infused with the lemon peels, remove the peels from the alcohol. In a separate bowl or glass container, mix the sugar and water together. Add the infused alcohol to the sugar and water mixture. This will turn a beautiful bright yellow color. Keep the limoncello in the freezer. Serve it with any dessert or special occasion.

          3. I realize this is not timely - but making a good limoncello takes longer than 4 days anyway. If you are interested here is a recipe my mother makes given to her by a friend from Italy:

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            1. re: scorpioscuba

              Joining the untimeliness here.
              First of all, is there Everclear water and Everclear alcohol? Where do you get it? Are meyer lemons similar in taste to Sorrento lemons? It seems meyers are more mild are they?
              Is it worth using organic lemons?

              1. re: itryalot

                Reading the recipe it seems they mean to use the Everclear bottle as a measurement for the water

                1. re: itryalot

                  Everclear is a brand name of pure grain alcohol. Another brand we see in Oregon is Kentucky Springs. It's not legal in all states. Here in Oregon it's for sale in the state liquor stores. Don't know about other states. I've made limoncello with Meyers and it's great. You can use zest from any citrus fruit peels and it turns out nicely. Orange-cello, tangello-cello, etc. Using organic fruit is great, but whatever you use wash the fruit well since a lot of citrus fruits are waxed.

                  1. re: taco clandestino

                    Years late chiming in but another brand in California is called Diesel. It's 153 and really extracts citrus flavor well. Love too that it comes in liter bottles instead of 750 ml.

                    1. re: buzzardbreath

                      The irony being that you could dump it in your gas car but not your diesel truck. :)

                      1. re: EvergreenDan

                        True. I would try it but that "Extremely Flammable" warning label has me a bit cautious. :-)

                    2. re: taco clandestino

                      If I get to Oregon, I will definitely look for that brand. A 750 ml bottle of Everclear brand is running close to $20.00 where I live so I always look for other brands when I travel. Some folks buy coffee cups for souvenirs, I buy local cookbooks and bottles of grain alcohol. LOL :-) I'll check before I buy it though, to see if I can legally bring Kentucky Springs home with me to California.

                2. I have a bumper crop of lemons ripening for the first year here in the Midwest. I am going to make limoncello. I am thinking the regular kind and the creamy kind.
                  Here are some links. Some say the Everclear is not the best flavor. Where does one purchase grain alcohol?
                  What options are there for buying 95% or higher alocohol?

                  Has anyone had to bring in their lemons and get them to survive the harsh Midwest winters?

         (replace oranges for lemons in recipe
         (preferred creamy recipe
                  ) (preferred non creamy recipe)

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                  1. re: itryalot

                    Good luck, and don't forget to use clean your lemons with a fruit/vegetable wash.

                    A friend of mine made tangerinecello a few years ago and it was to.die.for.