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The Counter

I have been a fan and usually enjoy the beef and turkey burgers. Sometimes the buns do fall apart but last nights turkey burger should have been called a salt burger. I will go again but has this been a problem for anyone else?

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  1. I've only been once and had the beef burger, which was fine, not salty at all really. What kind of toppings did you put on your turkey burger - maybe they had something to do with it?

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      I am kind of a purist when it comes to Burgers. Tomato and grilled onions. It was the turkey meat. I think the top fell off the salt shaker!

    2. I don't get the raves. The fries are great but the few times I've been there the burgers have been incredibly dry, even when I've ordered it medium rare.

      1. Yes, the bun is one of my biggest complaints about that place.
        Ask for them to toast it a little extra. That can help.

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          They toast the bun? Each time I have gone the bun was cold and hard, as if it were just taken out from the plastic bag.

          1. re: venicefoodie

            i always order the honey wheat bun, and it has always comes toasted and warm.

        2. The turkey burger I got there didn't have any salt in it, maybe they were making up for that in your turkey burger. Plus it was dry and horrible, I don't see the point of going back.

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            I am very surprised! I haven't been there for a while, but a consistent complaint for awhile after it opened (one I agreed with) was that the burgers had no salt whatsoever. Completely bland.

          2. Was a problem for me 2 of the 3 times I ate there.

            1. I like the Counter for the most part. The onion rings are up there with the best I've ever had. If I were living just for today, I'd make a frequent meal just of the onion rings. I like their beef burgers and for me a burger needs to be beef so I wouldn't ever go with a turkey burger. I've heard it said that ground turkey lacks flavor which needs to be compensated for with seasoning. It sounds like the Counter can't find the seasoning balance between too much and too little. Also, I wish someone would direct them to this post so they would realize it's time to do something about the buns.

              1. Try the fried pickles. They are genius. Sheer genius.

                The secret to making a turkey burger succulent and delicious instead of dry and insipid is to make it with beef :-)

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                  This is embarrassing to admit, but I like the fried pickles at Hooters much, much better than the ones at the Counter.

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                    But I had the beef and all three times it was dry and tasteless.

                  2. most of the folks on this board complain that the burgers at the counter are not salted enough.

                    to me, since i always have their excellent flavorful blue cheese as one of my toppings, they salt the burgers perfectly.

                    1. Agreed with all the posters regarding poor buns and dry meat. As far as gourmet burger jounts, The Counter trails behind 25 Degrees and Lucky Devils, I think. I really could not find any significant difference between my at The Counter and a Six Dollar Burger from Carl's Jr. except on the receipt at the end of the meal.

                      1. You guys must be the unluckiest people ever... I have eaten at the counter for a few years (give or take) and in that time I have NEVER had a dry burger. Most of the time my burgers are super juicy and running all over my hands.

                        I admit sometimes they fall apart, but that to isn't a bad thing. I fixed this by cutting my burger in half like a sandwhich and then eating it. I think it has something to do with how many topings you put on, or the juice soaks up in the bun and destroys it.

                        I had to say that the counter is prolly the best burger place I've ever eaten, and I try to enjoy it a few times a month. I would do so more if it wasn't a little pricey.

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                          The Counter seems to engender the most divergent posts on this board. I have been three times and each and every time service was horrible (once they completely forgot to put in our order and we sat for an hour before getting it to go), and the food worse than mediocre. Attitude of the staff was they are doing you a favor by letting you sit in their overcrowded, overpriced noisy joint and fill out your own order sheet.

                          I was astonished to see that someone even puts this place on a level with other "gourmet" burger spots like Lucky Devils and 25 Degrees. I can't speak for 25 Degrees, but Lucky Devils has been great each of the half dozen times or so I've been there. I wouldn't even think to put the Counter it that category. It is lousy in every way and I am not a picky burger person. I like Apple Pan's, In-n-Out, Twoheys, Literati II burgers (not great, but good) and of course Lucky Devils. That's the place I like for a really good burger.

                          Those of you having a good experience at the Counter must bring your own burger in from the Nook or something.

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                            I was the person who mentioned 25 Degrees and Lucky Devils. And no, I don't think the comparison is unwarranted. The Counter's concept is clearly in tune with those other two restaurants' and actually predates them by several years. One could, I think, make the argument that the current rash of luxe burger joints like 25 Degrees - which most closely adheres to The Counter's core concept while also taking it to the swankiest extreme - began with the success of The Counter, where the concept of gourmet, expensive, loaded-with-all-sorts-of-wacky-crap burgers took off. That doesn't mean it's the best, just the first.