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Know anything about Kickass Cupcakes, Somerville?

I drove by one of the empty storefronts on Highland Ave. just before Davis Sq. on Monday night and saw a hand-lettered sign in the window that said "Kickass Cupcakes". I'm drooling with anticipation - anyone know more?

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  1. There was a thread about it in the Davis Square Live Journal. The hipsters sound excited. I've never understood the allure of the cupcake. I'd much have prefered a good bread outlet in the Square. Maybe an outpost of B&R Breads?

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      Why discriminate against cupcakes? There's room in this world (esp Davis Square) for both bread and cupcakes!

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        Indeed, but there's currently no break bakery in Davis. Dave's Fresh is the only quality outlet (right?), but their selection is limited to baguettes, pane rustico, and focaccia, and they often run out in the evenings.

        Other than TJ's or Whole Foods, a full service bakery along the lines of either Lyndell's or Hi-Rise would be my number one preferred addition to Davis Square, although I'd prefer the former myself.

        Back on topic, I do hope that the Kicka*s cupcakes are good and that they have more than just cupcakes. I'm not holding my breath on the latter front, though. With the closing of La Contessa, it wouldn't seem an auspicious time to be opening up a patisserie in Davis.

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          As far as I know, La Contessa closed because the owners wanted to retire, not because business was bad. Is that not true?

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            There was an article in the Globe about their last day and it sounded like business wasn't so good.

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            Pemberton Farms has a slightly larger selection of nice breads. They also run out towards the end of the day, but not quite as much as Dave's.

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              isnt it kick*ss cupcakes? ;-) either way, i'm less than excited about the whole idea... some sort of bakery would be nice... so would a fish market anywhere within walking distance of davis (not terribly impressed by the selection at pembertons) We can all dream right...

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              Cupcakes are extremely trendy right now (although we're a few years behind New York on this trend) and I wince at the thought of a wave of cupcake places opening and then failing once the trend blows over. I enjoy a good cupcake now and then, but like other posters I can imagine many other businesses that I would prefer in terms of rounding out the choices in Davis Square.

              The cupcakes trend appears to be part of a larger trend toward "heirloom" baking, which means baking in a retro (50s-ish?) style. Unfortunately, many of the new cupcake purveyors tend to overfrost the cakes and focus on looks over substance.

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              Well, you're in luck -- When Pigs Fly is opening a bakery next door.

            4. Any updates on this? I used to live across the street, and moved a week after this sign showed up! Has it opened yet? If so, how is it? I remember being INSANELY disappointed by the pizza place that opened there, so I hope the cupcakes are good at least!

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                They haven't opened yet, according to their website.

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                  No, but it looks like progress is being made now in the store -- racks and shelves and things are being put in. The rest of the stores in that little strip are still empty, though. Maybe something interesting will go in....

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                    I've heard rumors that the landlord can be quite difficult, although I have no personal knowledge. I do wish the cupcakes well, and I hope they're delicious, but I can't say I'm optimistic about their long-term prospects, especially if their business model relies on in-store purchases and/or consumption. There's just not a lot of foot traffic at that location, especially with all the other stores empty.

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                      incidentally, don't get pizza from Alex pizza next door. really not good.

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                        It's already closed- I've heard the landlord is trying to either sell the building, or lease the whole thing. That's why I'm surprised this cupcake place is in there at all.

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                      I was hoping to try it out considering I had to look at the sign every time I walked out of my house. moving to Seattle next week. oh well

                2. We just polished off one "super chocolate" and one vanilla cupcake. Super chocolate had a rather dry cake (but crunchy around the edges--a good thing). A bit overly heavy on the cocoa powder, but with tasty, fudgey frosting. The vanilla cake was much moister, but had a slight out-of-the-box taste. The frosting was surprisingly tasty--it had a slight tang, and I think it's cream cheese based. Both cupcakes were fairly small, 3 or 4 bite affairs.

                  All in all, not bad. But for $2.75 each, I expected a lot more. The cupcakes at Lyndell's are, what, 90 cents each or something like that? While the Lyndell's frosting is not quite as tasty, I'd say that their cake is better, and the cupcakes are easily twice as big.

                  As an aside, the owner was not exactly effusive in welcoming me into the shop--I felt a bit awkward ordering, and suggest that she perhaps work on her customer service skills. It's their first day in business, so I have to give them a bit of lenience there, but maybe I shouldn't. First impressions are everything...

                  In short, I won't be rushing back to Kick*ss.

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                    Thanks for the Lyndell's pointer. We tried their chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting yesterday and it was excellent. I actually thought the chocolate frosting was nicely thick and chocolatey -- and for 90 cents, how can you possibly go wrong?

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                      I had an almost identical experience to davis_sq_pro's. Dry cupcakes, except for the vanilla. The people behind the desk were very abrupt / rude (Me: Do you have any kind of volume discount? Them: How many do you want? Me: Around 60 or so. Them: (Very curt) No. They're $33 a dozen.). Expensive small cupcakes (and no volume discount for 5 dozen cupcakes ordered in advance? who are they kidding? what kind of idiot businesspeople are they?). On the other had, they do have interesting flavors....

                      The Spotted Apron (across from MGH, where I work) has a similar feel (gourmet bakery with cupcakes, but also a wide array of other items) was better tasting and had much nicer staff (they noticed I had index cards in my pocket, wondered aloud if I was an employee at MGH, then offered me an MGH discount when I said yes). Spotted Apron also has the best black-and-white cookie I've ever had (mostly because I usually only really enjoy the vanilla part, but theirs has excellent chocolate). As per other posters, I'm going to go try Lyndell's now for a local cupcake place.

                      1. re: juanbatlle

                        I did the comparison and it would be best to combine the frosting from KAC with the cake from Lyndell's


                        Let us know what you think.

                    2. Just had my first KC experience. At best, this this place is going to need some time to settle in, but I really don't see it going anywhere.

                      Vanilla/vanilla: flavors of cake and frosting were excellent, cake had dryish texture, frosting was a tad thin.

                      Chocolate/chocolate: frosting was perfect, thick, and rich, cake was meh.

                      The cupcakes weren't especially aesthetically pleasing, just kind of homemade looking. They were also notably small, which is usually fine by me, but at $2.75/ass-kicking, I found this fact annoying. I too noticed a certain aloofness from the owner, who was admittedly likely super-stressed with the grand opening.

                      I feel like especially with such an aggressively irreverent name ["Notice me, notice me!"], their product needs to be over-the-top good, but based on this one experience, KC didn't come close to clearing the chow bar. I have no knee-jerk opposition to trendiness, but a trendy vibe coupled with a mediocre product is absolutely a pet peeve.

                      My personal favorite cupcake maker around town is definitely still the Modern. Great cake, decadent frosting, no pretense.

                      The verdict: jury's ultimately still out, but it's not looking good. I'll give 'em another try in a few months.

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                        I haven't understood this cupcake phenomenon and as someone else said, it's probably on the way out, but I think Sweet Christopher's in JP next to Ten Tables has good ones. I've only had the vanilla w/ buttercream frosting and it was a good size for about $1.85. Frosting was delicious.

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                          For me, the allure of the cupcake is that I love cake, but most bakeries don't sell just a slice, and you can't really eat it with your hands if you're on the go. Also, since they're small, you can try lots of different kinds instead of being married to one flavor, as with a cake.

                          I've tried Lyndell's, Lulu's and Quebrada, and the only ones I'd write home about are the chocolate cake/vanilla frosting ones at Quebrada, and I don't usually even like that combo. The cake was very dark, dense and moist, and while the frosting had the usual frosting consistency, it tasted a lot like whipped cream. A top notch cupcake. Plus, they have mini cupcakes (for 99 cents I think), so you can try a bunch.

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                            Not to stray further off topic, but I have to agree on Quebrada's chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting. I am not that big on cake/cupcakes, but man, that cupcake was good - very moist without being greasy. I found the frosting to have a real buttery flavor, in a good way.

                            1. re: fbf242

                              Maybe I'm dense, but I'm scratching my head over the concept of having a buttery flavor in a BAD way!

                              1. re: BostonCookieMonster

                                Actually, although I am a true butter lover, I think it is possible for frosting to have butter flavor "in a bad way". To me, this occurs when the frosting tastes like just butter and nothing else, as in some of the high-end buttercream-frosted cakes I've had. Personally, I don't want to eat a stick of plain butter.

                      2. We just tried out several kinds as well and agree with what seems to be the general consensus so far (is three a consensus?): they're a little small for the price, the cake is a bit on the dry side, and the owner is not as cheery as one might hope (though who knows, maybe she's been up all night baking cupcakes). I really want to like this place, but I think they need to get feedback and make some quick adjustments if they want to stick around.

                        Specific comments:
                        * Vanilla -- icing-to-cake ratio was too high, cake crumb isn't quite right (too crumbly)

                        * Mohito -- again, too much icing per cake, flavor combination was nice, though

                        * Strawberry shortcake -- best of the three we've eaten so far, with a whipped cream topping instead of icing. Tasted like strawberry shortcake. On a hot day like today, the icing doesn't travel well, though!

                        We still have an extreme chocolate and a pecan sticky bun one left to try.

                        Kickass Cupcakes
                        378 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02144

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                        1. re: houlette

                          How do these compare to the "muffins" at Gingerbread construction company, i put muffins in quotes because i considor most of the flavors to be cupcakes. For instance they have a strawberry shortcake one as well. Sounds like these are much smaller as the Gingerbread company has really large ones. How do the flavors compare though? http://www.gingerbreadusa.com/Muffins...

                          As a side note, what makes one a muffin and one a cupcake? Wouldnt a muffin with frosting on top/inside be a cupcake or is it the paper wrapper?

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                            I think you guys are being incredibly generous. We got five different kinds of cupcakes last night, and not a single one of them was anything that couldn't easily be replicated at home. The yellow cake is flavorful but dry. The chocolate cake is fine, but no better than one I would bake myself. The frosting was tasty on all of them - but you're going to have to do MUCH better than that at $2.75/cupcake to get me to return. Needless to say, we went to Lyndell's for a dozen to bring to our potluck last night. At $9/dozen they are delicious, affordable, and always a crowd pleaser.

                            I would definitely go back to Gingerbread Construction before returning to KC.

                            1. re: Weiszguy

                              This is disappointing news. I couldn't care less about cupcakes, but I do feel strongly about supporting Somerville businesses and *might* have gone to Kick@ss for treats for my kids' friends (I'm a really bad Aunty in that I never think about dessert or treats but certainly would if these were da bomb.) I've been following this one in the local media and the business plan has never made a lot of sense to me but I'm most sad to hear the product just isn't that good. I appreciate the update. Other hounds please chime in.

                            2. re: hargau

                              The GCC is becoming a much too frequent stop for me since discovering it a few months ago -- following my first (and so not last) meal at Zalek's, we tried the Wakefield location today after a number of excellent "muffins" in Winchester. They are the same: large and amazing desserts at $1.75 each -- far and away the best cupcake-like option I know of in the area (puts LuLu's to SHAME - does Modern in an earlier posting refer to North End or Medford or somewhere else, by the way?) -- the frosting/fillings make the difference and the cake is great too. I can recommend the strawberry shortcake, pumpkin with cream cheese frosting or without (ask), and gingerbread with cream cheese filling. It's worth the detour into the burbs required for these.

                              1. re: rlh

                                Addicting, aren't they? :-)

                                And I'm astonished at the $2.75 price for Kick@ss cupcakes. That's just nuts.

                                1. re: LindaWhit

                                  Yea i love GCC wish i was closer. I have only been to the Winchester one. Used to work with someone who passed it on the way to work and would bring them in about every other week. Guess i wont be going into Davis square to pay $2.75 for something 1/2 the size and not as good.

                                2. re: rlh

                                  Yes, I was referring to the Modern of North End/Medford fame. I've always procured my cupcakes from the North End location (perennial favorite for office birthday parties), but presumably the Medford location makes them as well.

                                  1. re: finlero

                                    Just a heads up: Last time I drove by, the Medford location was closed for renovation. I'm not sure if that's done or not, but if anyone reading has a sudden cupcake urge you might want to call first :)

                                    1. re: davis_sq_pro

                                      Modern Pastry in Medford is OPEN. They were closed for renovations and re-opened about 3 weeks ago.

                                      1. re: buffet king

                                        Are the cannoli at Modern in Medford as good as those from the North End shop?

                                        1. re: phoebek

                                          Yes, the cannoli's are just as good as the North End store. Sara, the owner also makes delicious Italian rum cakes.

                                          1. re: buffet king

                                            Thanks for the info - i've been looking for a local source since La Contessa left Davis Square. . .

                                  2. re: rlh

                                    In addition to those flavors you've mentioned, I can also vouch for the "Chocolate Dream." Yum.


                                    1. re: BJK

                                      Yes i have had that one too at GCC very good.

                                  3. re: hargau

                                    The difference is something about the ratio of flour to fats. Also, muffin batter is sensitive to over mixing while cake batter is not.

                                    1. re: iheartveggies

                                      The crumb is different, and muffins aren't *supposed* to be very sweet. These huge sugary things are all wrong.

                                3. Just stopped in while walking with my dog along the bike path. Grabbed a mojito cupcake and a carob/peanut butter "pupcake" for him. I liked the frosting, it had a nice tang from both the lime and what I think must be cream cheese. Texture was light and fluffy. The cupcake itself was described as rum-soaked or rum-somethinged but I didn't taste any rum. Found the texture to be too dry for my tastes. Agree that it's on the small side, especially for $2.75 but I didn't finish what little there was as the joy/calorie ratio didn't justify eating the whole thing.

                                  My dog didn't care for the cake part of the cupcake. Licked off the peanut butter "frosting" and the little biscuit on top but no amount of encouragement on my part got him to eat the rest. I do want to support a locally-owned business here in Somerville, but I don't know. I'll go back at least once more to try the twice-baked cupcake crisps and see if that doesn't win me over.

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                                    Man - when a dog turns away from a product - that's not a good sign...

                                    1. re: threedogs

                                      This is very true...although in the spirit of full-disclosure i should mention that said dog prefers steamed mussels, lobster, and stinky cheese. So, he's definitely more into the savory than the sweet :-p

                                      But he does love him a good treat now and then and these didn't do anything for him. $1.75 wasted.

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                                        Ha - my oldest prefers homemade French bread and chicken cutlets (not necessarily together) - and will sit by the stove until I succumb to his ploys.

                                        We used to have a neighborhood bakery (in Lynn) that gave out free cookies to all the dogs accompanying humans. Unfortunately, their stuff wasn't edible (the dogs loved the snacks, though) and they went out of business. Or I should say, fortunately, because they were quite nasty to the human clientele.

                                        The replacement, Christopher's Cafe on Lewis St. in Lynn, is much better, (much nicer, too!) but their fate looks dim. They seemed to have had a difficult start, and it always looks empty - although I tried some of their (overpriced also) cupcakes & was pleased with the texture & taste - however, no matter HOW good a cupcake tastes - this is Lynn, and the price of almost $3 is way too much here. People will just walk away, IMO.

                                  2. Tried the mojito (already reviewed by others), vanilla (already reviewed), and strawberry shortcake yesterday.
                                    The strawberry shortcake had been injected with strawberry goodness, but I didn't get any because my sweety and I shared the cake and there was only one bites' worth inside (probably a reasonable amount for the size). The strawberry on top was good, and the whipped-cream icing was tasty if melty in the heat. I liked the slick outside of the cake.

                                    They were small for $2.75, which is good for my waistline but not my wallet. I'd hope that they'd lower prices, rather than raise portion size. Overall: fine, but not worth it.

                                    1. I'm bummed with all these mediocre reviews. I was particularly interested in trying their Blueberry Cupcake (special for Thursdays) and also their Fried Cupcake (a potential successor to Anthem's Fried Twinkie?). But it sounds like I would be better off with Babycakes in Quincy for everything else, and for slightly less money to boot.

                                      1. Another report:
                                        Stopped by Kickass Cupcakes around 2pm Sunday. I had the Mojito; my friends had the Chocolate/Chocolate and the Strawberry Shortcake.

                                        Loved the sweet lime tang of the frosting. The cake was described as "rum-soaked" but tasted like standard yellow cake with absolutely zero rum flavor, so that was a very large minus for me. (They could have gotten away with saying 'rum spiked' or even 'rum flavored', but if you're going to promise me that my cupcake has literally been soaked in rum, it'd better have a whiff of rummy flavor at least..)

                                        Overall agreed with other reviews -- tasty, but gone in three bites and nowhere nearly "kick-ass" enough to justify $2.75 per. For that price I'll go to Iggy's and get something really kickass.

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                                        1. re: Boston_Otter

                                          Another report, a month later (enough for any opening-day snags to be smoothed, I'd hope).

                                          Still no deep-fried cupcakes. Cupcake crisps were out, too. Tried the Lucky Cupcake (lemon cake with white frosting topped with candied ginger) and the Cinnamon Chai Pecan Sticky (spice cake with caramel) and they couldn't have been bigger opposites: the Lucky was so wet with the runny frosting that the cupcake crumbled into bits when I removed the paper, with frosting dripping off my fingers in rivulets. Overwhelming flavors were butter and sugar with a nice crunch from the ginger candy. The Cinnamon Chai was dry -- I needed coffee to get it down -- but I liked the caramel topping. This cupcake really showed how dry their cake is without KC's "wet-style" icing to keep it moist.

                                          Service was much improved over last time: high-energy and perky saleswoman was almost too happy to help. The owner came out at one point and her dour glare reminded me why everyone keeps mentioning the crabby service.

                                        2. Made a special trip with a fellow cupcake-lover today. Totally disappointed that it's only a walk-up counter with no seating. It might have been more pleasant if I could have bought a cupcake, walked outside, and eaten it on a bench, but in the rain it was annoying. Slogged home with my box on the T, and by the time I arrived home, only one cupcake was relatively "intact"--the double chocolate, which has a pretty dense frosting. All the others were drippy and smooshed by the fancy-pants, individual cupcake "holes" box. The box and the price both seem designed for bigger cupcakes. Overall, a subpar outing and so far the flavors and texture are underwhelming as well.

                                          1. My honey brought home 3 of the cupcakes (I had no idea the cost - yikes!) and here's my basic take:

                                            mojito - the basic cake part was good - but I did not taste the rum soaked. Also the icing was way too powerful and overwhelmed the entire cake. I personally thought it was meh.

                                            Coconut something - less meh but also suffered from the icing being too strong in flavor.

                                            The vegan chocolate with chocolate chip icing thingie - awesome. This cupcake was worth the price and then some. Amazing. Did I mention it was good?

                                            So overall I'm most likely not going back. The icing issue is pretty huge to me - it should complement not overtake the cupcake.


                                            1. Stopped by KC today with a friend.

                                              I personally did not feel the cupcakes were too small...and I am a former baker at a cupcake shop in SF. These cupcakes seemed fairly large in size, though my main complaint would be that they were sloppy! Cake was hanging over the edges of the liners, and the frosting was sloppily glopped onto the center of the cake.

                                              I asked the owner if she went to school, and she said she did, so I think she knows what she is doing product-wise. IMO, the vanilla cake was nice...it reminded me of angel food, and it was not a buttery cake like MOST cupcake-cake, which is perhaps why some people aren't crazy about it. She had maybe 6 flavors of vanilla-based cakes at noon, when I was there. A friend and I shared the Mojito and had a similar experience to you all...the frosting was nice, but there was no rum flavor, and a little mint garnish. There were no chocolate-cake cupcakes available so we could not try. I also would have wished--as a professional--that they were decorated with a little more flair.

                                              I tried chatting up the owner, but agree with what others have said concerning her personality. That said, she did let me take pictures of her store to show my baker friends in SF, which was nice.

                                              I wish them well. When I lived in Teele I always wished there was a bakery nearby.

                                              1. Felt compelled to give this place a shot on my way home yesterday after all the discussions. As others have noted...small sized and pretty expensive cupcakes and the blonde woman (owner/baker?) didn't seem like she was enjoying her work. I'm not a cupcake aficionado at all but I do like sweets. I got just one cupcake (chocolate on chocolate). I found it to be pretty good. Thick moist cake...perhaps a little to thick and rich but not bad. Icing was also good but not enough of it. It wasn't too sweet or buttery either. I gunned the whole thing down in no time. Wanted more but held back. BTW, lady in front of me ordered half a dozen...came to ~ $17 bucks! They do have good selections. It'll try this place from time to time but I'll end up going to Petsi's Pies more often.

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                                                1. re: Sal Monella

                                                  $17 for 6 cupcakes??? I cannot see how this place will survive.

                                                  1. re: LindaWhit

                                                    Well, she's definitely listening! I had the mojito cupcake a couple of weeks ago, and thought it was just OK. As everyone has been saying, not a hint of rum flavor. Strike that now! My kids were craving cupcakes, so I acquiesced and bought another 1/2 dozen (and yes, shelling out the $17 is even more painful the second time around). The smell of booze was almost overwhelming. The kids wouldn't touch it because the alcohol was so strong. I tasted it, and it was...well, interesting. I think they may have gone too far the other way, but certainly now as advertised . They are still pricy and not the greatest cupcakes in the world, but here's hoping!!

                                                2. I have only tried the vegan java jolt, and agree that it was very good. Messy, but good.

                                                  Not sure about the other flavors, since I'm vegan, but my three year-old ignored a chocolate cake with Reeses Pieces on it after he stole a bite of my java jolt. As is the consensus, the entire experience was a bit of a letdown. Cupcakes should be fun--especially a place with such a punk name.

                                                  If the owner is blonde with short hair, she was a bit snippy. We stopped by one night when almost everything but the pet treats had sold out, and when I asked if the java jolt was the only vegan cake in the works, everyone working there just barked "Yeah." No one asked "what kinds of flavors were you hoping for?" or was even remotely friendly or pleasant. Bummer.

                                                  Also, they had several dozen unfrosted cakes waiting to be topped and did not think to ask if we might want to buy one for our son, who actually said "But they have cupcakes over there."

                                                  I totally understand opening craziness, but the only reason we went back for a second attempt to score some cake was curiosity about the Java Jolt, and because my 3 year-old was heartbroken the night we stopped and had to leave without buying one.

                                                  I'll probably give them another chance--one more--but will not go out of my way to stop in.

                                                  ETA: Also, those bits and pieces of cookies and crumbled cakes are just odd. Has anyone bought one? Are they also $2.75???

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                                                  1. re: oneweirdmother

                                                    Man, she must be really snippy, considering almost EVERY poster on here as well as on two other forums remarked on her attitude.

                                                    Are there places to sit?

                                                    1. re: Prav

                                                      No. But I do remember reading on their website that they plan to offer cupcake decorating events in the future,so maybe some of the space can be rethought?

                                                      It does seem like they might be able to have a very narrow bar area by the window, but it would probably be way too small to be worth it.

                                                      ETA: She just seemed abrupt and dour looking. I think what probably bothers many of us, is that we all really were excited to try the place, and the people working there seemed bored and crabby. I don't think they need to be my new best friends or all faux friendly, but some level of excitement about their product, and some anticipation of what customers might like--i.e. "Sorry we ran out. We do have some just baked cakes if you'd be willing to wait a few minutes, I could frost a couple for you with vanilla icing." would be nice.

                                                      Hopefully they are reading.

                                                    2. re: oneweirdmother

                                                      They are actually twice-baked bits of cupcake dipped in chocolate. I think she calls them cupcake crisps, iirc. I also seem to remember that they were slightly less expensive than the cupcakes. I'll take one for the team and check them out later this week. :-)

                                                      No seating.

                                                      1. re: heathermb

                                                        ...or rather more specifically, according to this piece in the Globe today, they're made from leftover cupcakes.


                                                            1. re: phoebek

                                                              I've gone there probably about 6 times already and each time I have loved the cupcakes. I think they have the perfect frosting/cake ratio and I have loved all the flavors I tried. Most times I've been there it's been fairly busy.

                                                              My favorite has been the lucky cupcake: gold cake, vanilla frosting, and candied ginger on top. I'm a huge fan of ginger so I really love these.
                                                              the Mojito was my second favorite. My boyfriend really liked the chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

                                                    3. Just went recently to Kickass Cupcakes and thought their cupcakes were respectable (cake OK, icing a decent example of the soft and not-so-sweet type) -- better than the ones at Lulu's but I still much prefer those at Party Favors. They're far too expensive at $2.75 each and the folks working there seemed less than friendly, though I've seen worse.

                                                      Saw this place featured on Phantom Gourmet's show today and thought it funny that they wouldn't say or spell out the name ("Kick*ss Cupcakes" when printed out, usually bleeped when said). Given the show's pay-for-play reputation, it had me wondering what the correct term is for a "woman of the evening" who won't swear..... :-)

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                                                      1. re: bachslunch

                                                        sounds like you are better off at the GCC for strawberry shortcake if theirs is just a squirt and a berry, cuz GCC's is loaded with whipped cream and slices strawberries and moist cake. Actually the best strawberry shortcake ever is at the Coffeetime Bakery in Salem. I have ordered the 8inch cake twice and it is delicious moist white cake layered with fresh strawberries and whipped cream and it looks beautiful too. Only thing is, its seasonal in summer and i think around thanksgiving. You can get it with peaches all year but they are canned(or frozen?) but still yummilicious..
                                                        I actually woke up with a cupcake craving today and I am near GCC but wondering if there is any delicious regular bakery cupcake north of boston??? Any ideas? between Woburn and Danvers?

                                                      2. I really enjoyed supporting a local woman-owned business and buying some cupcakes. The favorites in our household are definitely the Mojito flavored and the Lucky cupcake. Loved the frosting on both. Agree the price is steep. This will be an occasional indulgence versus a regular treat.

                                                        1. I went there on Saturday to get cupcakes for a BBQ so I figured that 12 cupcakes would be enough...
                                                          The cupcakes were beautiful and I got one to sample my self butttt when she told me it was $36.57 for 13 cupcakes???!!!!!
                                                          I ALMOST DIED AND HAD A HEART ATTACK!!! YIKES
                                                          I obviously had to get them cause I couldn't be like put them back... and everyone at the BBQ loved them...
                                                          buttt I don't think I would spend that much money again on cupcakes..

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                                                          1. re: angellexis

                                                            Next time, try Lyndell's bakery in Ball Square. Their cupcakes probably aren't as trendy as the kick#ss variety, but they are darn tasty! And I believe that they are less than a buck a piece.

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                                                              Looks like you got 'Kicked in the Ass' by the price you paid. That's insane!