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May 24, 2007 10:25 AM

First jet-lagged day in Paris

We will be leaving for Paris Saturday evening, arriving in the a.m...

Any suggestions for how to spend that first day, trying so hard to stay awake all day?! Any great markets that go later into the day on Sunday or any suggestions for lunch?
Would it be crazy to try to do Versailles that first day?!

I think we will have our dinner planned (although only three days away and I STILL haven't made all of our reservations for next week!), and I've also been following the "Sunday night dinner" thread pretty closely!

Thank you in advance for any suggestions...

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  1. For a first night after an overseas flights, take it easy! Personally, I always feel like drunk after a overseas flight with a considerable change of time (+5 h or more). All I want is go to sleep, but I recommend you stay awake until around 10 PM or so, if you can. Don't take a nap or then, just a very short one.
    Your body has to get used to the changes not only of the time, but also of food. I'd head to a brasserie or a nearby café to have something light like an omelette, a composed salad, etc.
    Sunday market usually close down early afternoon.
    Versailles the first day? No way. Do save it for later and rather explore your neighbourhood on foot, especially if you're a first timer. Do check out the shops, the stores, the bakeries around.What neighbourhood are you staying in?

    While small neighbourhood bistrots are often closed on Sunday (and for Saturday lunch), lots of brasseries will be open on weekends.

    For the markets (food and non-food), you'll find them all listed here by arrondissements:

    PS: Do pack an umbrella. Weather is likely to change dramatically for the weekend over here.

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      Thank you for that, Dodo... We are staying in the 7th, so I know opportunities abound for exploration!

      And thanks for the Versailles tip - I knew it was a little optimistic! Is there such thing as a Sunday brunch scene in Paris? Any good recs? Thanks again.

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        Brunch is pretty much an American concept, not widely encountered in France (but will see it advertised occassionally) There are, however, plenty of brasseries and that kind of place that serve all day on Sunday. My first day in I usually go to one of the Freres Blanc places,, for dinner. Their restaurants get bashed a little on this board but I find them quite reliable and more than adequate when tired and beat from a flight.

    2. we arrived in Paris from San Diego on a Sunday morning at 10 am. We got to the hotel, unpacked, took showers and went downstairs for coffee. Then we had lunch at 1, then walked the gardens around the Louvre. In the evening we had cocktails and a light dinner. I cannot remember how much coffee I had but we passed out by 10ish. got a great night sleep and we were totally refreshed the next day. I would not plan an excursion for that day or even try to see a museum. Walking outside was very refreshing.

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        For a Sunday brunch in the 7th arr., you'll have 'Le Tourville' at Place de l'Ecole Militaire. A perfect place for people watching.
        It's quite a hip place (Costes Brothers!) with a large terrace and you'll see all the fashionable crowd from the upscale 7th arr. there. Pricey, but a nice brunch with all you will want.
        You may even want to go there for a light dinner your first evening. The menu is pretty large with little light dishes (salads, pasta, etc.). The advantage of such a place is that you can have just one dish, if you don't feel like eating too much.
        There are some other places at Place de l'Ecole Militaire which is a major 'hub' (for transportation, food and shopping) in the 7th arr.

        A nice place (Mediterranean food) with a great view over the Invalides at night is Pasco, at 74, Blvd. de Latour-Maubourg.

        1. re: Dodo

          Would add l'Auberge Bressane, avenue de la Motte Picquet. Delicious very traditional classic food, and open on sundays.

          And no market or food store is open on sunday afternoon. Except, that is, for some ethnic neighborhoods -- Chinatown is fun on sunday afternoon.

      2. I love to go to Versailles on a Sunday. not much is open in Paris, and if you fall asleep on the bus ride back, no one gets hurt!