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May 24, 2007 09:54 AM

Feels like summer-what to do with my crosscut beef shanks?

I can't believe it is 80 degrees out!

We bought a 50 pound share of grassfed beef last fall, which I am trying to use all up before I fill the freezer with the meat we've ordered for this year. Last night I found a little more than 2 pounds of very meaty crosscut beef shanks skulking around in the bottom of the freezer so I took them out to thaw. All the recipes I am finding are for stew and soup. I don't really feel like eating stew or soup when it's so gosh-darn warm out! Any other ideas? Could I stew the meat and then serve on a salad or something? Or should I just throw them back in the freezer until next fall?

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  1. Make 5-spice poached beef in the chinese style. Cut (shave) in thin slices across the grain and serve cold as an appetizer.

    Edited to add: thought I should give you a recipe for reference. Here's a link to Ming Tsai's,
    It uses red wine, which would give a different taste than the way my family makes it, but sounds good to me.

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      Hi amyamelia - we're in a similar situation, except I can see this fall's beef and two lambs gaining right outside my kitchen window! I think we're going to quit eating fruit and vegetables until the freezer is empty!

      I have used those cross-cut shanks to make a sort of mexican-style taco filling, which is also good on real recipe, just cook them down with onions, garlic, chilis, oregano and cumin, maybe tomatoes, whatever else sounds good, and shred .

      1. re: kmr

        haha! I wish I could grow my own grass-fed beef and lambs! Guess they'd have trouble on my 1/4 acre. we're in good shape to finish up what's in the freezer. what a travesty to quit eating veggies just as the gardens are starting to produce! I almost peed my pants in glee at the baby spinach I found at the first farmers market of the season here (in VT). I'm so tired of root veggies!

        thanks for the idea, sounds great and I might try it! torty's pulled pork approach sounds good too. might let the hubby decide.

    2. Here's another suggestion that's pretty good for hot days.

      1. Treat it like short-cut pulled pork- toss in crockpot or a very low oven (covered) smothered with a BBQ sauce you like. When meltingly tender, shred and serve on soft buns with coleslaw, tomatoes, and corn.

        1. I second the idea of pulled shank on a bun. When I have grassfed elk or bison I use this recipe

          And then just keep on reheating them until they fall apart. Yummy!

          1. So my house is very hot (90 degrees here in Vermont today!) but it smells great!
            I've had the shanks in the crockpot all day on top of some onions and smothered with BBQ sauce. I have to keep turning the damn thing on and off b/c they don't make them the way they used to (they cook much hotter now). But the beef looks amazing and smells even better. I've got coleslaw resting in the fridge. All we need is some good beer to wash it all down.

            thanks for the tips, hounds.