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May 24, 2007 09:51 AM

Any good eats near Nantasket Beach

Going to the beach tomorrow (ahhh sun). Never been to Nantasket and hope it's not a bad spot to try. All the lazing around in the sun will have us starving by mid-afternoon. Any good eats near there, or on the commute back to Quincy?

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    1. I know one place in Hull, which I dined at last year and liked a lot, Saporito's Florence Club Cafe. Pleasant atmosphere, an elegant country-French feel, intimate booths and grape arbors overhead, far nicer than the lands-end exterior would lead you to expect.

      Good bread and evoo and a bulb of roasted garlic (a small plate, not free). A great antipasto of simple salumi. Fettucine had a distinct Northern Italian flavor: fat noodles, cippolini onions, tiny cubes of turnip, a lot of finely cut and rendered duck in a puddle of broth. The cavatelli had a Sicilian flair: golden raisins, pignole, rabe.

      It's a tough table on weekend evenings. They open at 5pm, so you might want to pack some snacks to tide you over. More here:

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        1. In Hingham harbor are the Stars/Tosca group. I have eaten at tosca. Very good, but again maybe too formal for post Nantasket. Back down 3A to Quincy, Grumpy Whites amy be just what you are looking for. And a new Fireflies opened in Quincy where the Tavern/Naked Fish/ Hollow used to be.

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            I would recommend La Dalat, Thia restaurant, opposite the beach. Food is very good - try the beef curry in the clay pot. We usually sit on the bar side. Owner is very nice. Also, agree on Bridgeman's - highly recommend. It has a patio which is great on warm evenings. Beach Club has out door seating on the rocks along with good burgers. There are a lot of good place there. One of these days may actually try the Red Parrott, but.....

          2. Schooners is across from the beach, casual, open for lunch and has great seafood as well as burgers etc. Meza Mere doesn't open until 5:00, but is also a good recommendation. Red Parrot would be one of my last choices. I don't know what's happened there, the food has really gone done hill. I would also second the recommendation for Jakes. A short drive from the beach is DiNeros, but they will be mobbed on a Friday. The same owners opened the restaurant that's right on beach, the name of which escapes me. I don't believe they're open until 5:00 though. Enjoy!