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DC hound coming to SF for a week

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Hi Everyone,

Looking for a few recs for dinner for my wife and I. We will be staying in SF/Bay area for a week and looking for moderately priced gems. I have a reservation for Chez Panisse Cafe so far, but nothing else.

Also is it worth a trip to Market Hall foods to check out their digs?

Any help is much appreciated.

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  1. >>> looking for moderately priced gems <<<

    Chapeau! on Clement in the City.

    If you're in the Berkeley/North Oakland area, it's certainly worth going to Rockridge and visiting Market Hall, but I wouldn't necessarily come over to the East Bay from the City just to go there. OTOH, you're going to be at Chez Panisse anyway, so . . . sure!

    Also, the SF Ferry Plaza.

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