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May 24, 2007 08:37 AM

anyone try Light Bistro in Cleveland

If so, how was it? Worth checking out?

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  1. I have been to Light several times and I really like it. But it has to be to your taste. The emphasis is on small plates, though several entrees are always available. There is some use of molecular gastronomy techniques and ingredients that intruigue some people but do not appeal to others (I am in the former group!). Their bread is outstanding and their butter is sourced from Lake Erie Creamery. They shop the farmer's market and emphasize local and sustainable products.

    The last time we were there, 5 of us shared about 12 small plates (we wanted the entree of Ostrich, but they had sold it out by the time we tried to order it!). The fish and seafood are pristine and the meats are wonderful. Pheasant and Quail are prepared sous vide, so they are moist and tender.

    I love that they serve only purified water (and there is no water charge), and they have a nice, reasonably priced wine selection.

    1. I ate there last night for the second time. The first time I ate there the meal was very well prepared, but last night the food was disappointing on nearly every level. While waiting for our fourth guest to arrive we ordered a flatbread (arugula and goat cheese, very tasty) and some edamame that have been steamed to long and were served with a hoisin lime dipping sauce that I found to be too tart. We then ordered several plates to share - salad nicoise, a white bean, rapini cassoulet, pheasant and a kobe beef sate. The salad nicoise, while beautifully arranged, was dull tasting. The bean cassoulet that arrived at our table looked very unappetizing and the beans were not even cooked all the way through (the waiter did take this back to the kitchen when we complained). The pheasant was dry and kobe beef sate was served on a bed of greens that was so salty and vinegary that they were inedible. My fellow guests and I were sorry that we hadn’t eaten at the Flying Fig where the food is half the price and twice as tasty. I would go somewhere else.

      p.s. I do want to say that our server was very nice and very professional.