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May 24, 2007 08:36 AM

Staying at 214 Rue Royale - suggestions?

We are staying at the Moneleone near Bourbon Street. Are there any recommendations on places not to miss for eats and/or drinks? Many thanks...

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  1. You must have a drink at the Carousel Bar in the Monteleone. Also on the must do list is a drink at the Napoleon House, St Louis and Chartres. You have an embarassment of options from there: Seafood @GW Fins, Oysters @Acme, Fine Dining @Bayona, great breakfast @Petunia's. Great Italian @Irene's, classic lunch @Galatoire's...I'm sure others can and will give you many more suggestions! More specifically, what vibe/types of places are you seeking?

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      I also like Palace Cafe on Canal. Make a reservation. It's a block off Bourbon. If you get into Galatoire's wait for your table in the bar upstairs. Very quaint and very NO. I like Maspera's for super casual lunches. It's near the Brewery and walkable from Royal.

      Steveds has made a great rec with the Carousel Bar. Be prepared to be tipsy after drinking as you rotate around the room. There are tables in the Bar, if you cannot take the movement!

    2. Right across from the hotel parking lot in the alley is the Pelican Club which is good. Stella gets my vote for best restaurant in the city right now. Try a Pimms cup, very refreshing, at the Napoleon House. Broussards has a beautiful courtyard for a drink, but there are so many choices in the quarter they are just too numerous to mention. Have a good trip.

      1. You must have a burger at Port o' Call on Esplanade. Had my first 5 weeks ago and can't stop thinking about it. Also - a Pimm's Cup at Napolean House (and everywhere else) is a must. Had great meals at Cochon and Herbsaint.

        1. I agree with the Carousel Bar and Napoleon House. Right down the block on Royal St. is K-Paul's-- very rich food, but one of my favorites in the city. Anything in the quarter and most of the CBD will be in walking distance of the Monteleone. In the quarter, I also like Galatoire's, Arnaud's, Bayona, Stella, Irene's, Peristyle. I'm not a fan of Palace Cafe, but many people seem to like it. I haven't tried GW Finns, but it's next on my list.

          For cheaper meals, don't miss Coop's Place and Mother's.

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            kpaul's is on chartres, though, but yeah, not to far from royal, a couple blocks at most.