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May 24, 2007 08:35 AM

Zaleks Impresses Once Again

We drove over to Zaleks last night to grab some dinner and enjoy the mild breezes outside (they have a small outdoor dining area). Our food was impressive once again there; this time, we ordered the Greek dinner (incredibly tasty beef gyro with a Greek salad and a side of grape leaves) and the superbeef dinner (large roast beef with sauce and cheese on an onion roll with a side of rice and a Greek salad). Everything was fresh, tasty, and dirt cheap--the total was well under $20, including drinks--and the portions were huge. We barely had room for ice cream at the Dairy Dome afterwards.

I wish Zaleks were closer to me. If I lived in Wakefield, I'd be there at least once a week. Everything we've had there has been excellent, with no disappointing items so far. Still haven't done the seafood there, but I hope to try it next time.

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  1. I just tried Zaleks for the first time. I went over there on a whim, looking for a nice plate of Fish 'n Chips. When I arrived, I was stunned at the selections available. All of the foods mentioned in the posts which have come before, plus fresh swordfish, mahi-mahi, ahi tuna, and salmon. The special was arctic char ($10.95). This ain't your papa's roast beef joint.

    I ordered the swordfish grilled without the benefit of blackening or cajun spice (funny, I always associated blackened anything with cajun, but here they differentiate). The sides were grilled asparagus and sweet potato fries.

    The swordfish was cooked to perfection, still moist but cooked through (they asked if I wanted it rare, I did not). The asparagus was nicely grilled, and the sweet potato fries, were, well, good.

    A couple of negatives, really minor points, nothing that will deter me from eagerly returning. My table, while not dirty, had a rather large sticky spot on it. The place was generally clean, so I just put it down to understaffing. My grilled asparagus was of the thick variety, and not properly trimmed, therefore the end was rather woody. That's it, those are my negatives.

    It ain't fancy, and there's no linen on the tables, but the food is very good, very fresh, and a very good value.

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    1. re: johnl

      I am lucky enough to live in about 5 miles from Zaleks.

      So, needless to say I am there at least once a week. The prices are unbeatable. Where am I going to get a fresh grilled fish dinner for less than 10 dollars? And it's really good too.
      I was there on Thursday and I had grilled sole to perfection. It came with a green salad and roasted carrots for 8.95! I asked to switch out the salad for some jasmine rice, and there was no problem.

      I agree that sometimes the grilled veggies, can be a little off, but I am not going to complain, it's minor.

      I mostly order what the grilled special is, but I have had their baked scallops, grilled shrimp, and blakened salmon. All of these regular menu items were fantastic.

      Oh, love their new sides, grilled pepper stuffed with feta and sweet potato fries.
      Great little hidden gem!

      1. re: mcel215

        I can't wait to get back there once again. I just wish I lived a little closer to it. Next time I'm definitely going to try some of the seafood there.

    2. We went to Zaleks for the first time for lunch because of all of the positive reviews on Chowhound. I had the greek dinner, and my husband had the fish and chips. Both were good with generous portions. I have to agree with the reviews on this place. We would go more frequently too if it was closer.

      The place was clean when we went. However, service is a little slow. The only other warning is that this place is cash only. Luckily, we had enough cash to pay for the meal.

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      1. re: bulldog69

        The service is a little slow there most of the time.

        We overlook it because of the low amount amount of money I spend, for really good food.

        And if I am short of cash, I go next door to CVS and grab a root beer, and get $20.00 cash back with my debit card.

        And I feel very lucky living 5 miles from there, I was there twice this week. Grilled Artic Char Thursday night, and Grilled Scallops Saturday. Both dishes came with veggies and salads, both under $10.00!