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May 24, 2007 08:22 AM

Bubble Tea in Philly burbs?

I know of a bunch of places in downtown Philly that have bubble tea, but what about the 'burbs? I work in Ambler and live in Mt. Airy. Occasionally at work I get a craving for bubble tea, but I don't know of anyplace around here with bubble tea. Is there any place in this area for a gal to go to satisfy a bubble tea craving?

Any ideas would be most welcome. :)


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  1. It might be too far out of your way, but the Saigon Cafe next to the Pho 75 on Adams Ave. in Northeast Philly has bubble tea. It is just off the Boulevard exit for Adams.

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      Do they have flavors there? The vietnamese place next to the big grocery store on Adams also has bubble tea, but just milk tea, not flavored.

    2. Try Pho Thai Nan in Blue Bell. It is in a tiny strip mall and you would not even know its there if you drive by. I have been there once and the food was pretty good. Good selection of Vietnamese and Thai dishes, reasonable prices, great service, nice simple decor. I saw they had Bubble tea on the menu but did not try. Everything else I had was great though. Of course, I'm sure the places in center city are much better, but for a local place this is really quite good and I would definitely recommend it.

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        What crossroad is it at? I looked on Yahoo Yellow Pages and am coming up with nothing. It sounds like a good place to grab lunch too. I love Thai food.

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          Hey! I just now this minute got back from lunch at Pho Tai Nam. It's at, 1510 DeKalb Pike in Blue Bell 19422. 610-272-3935. They have 5 varieties of Bubble Tea -- Black tea - Coffee-Thai tea- or Mango. Sorry my comma's not working.

          1. re: KakiSue

            Went to Pho Thai Nam for dinner last night. Loved it!! Mango Bubble Tea was wonderful and the food was very good. I know I will return!

      2. Savor Saigon in Levittown (yes. really) on Woodbourne Road near H Mart is the place to go. Fabulous vietnamese -- and will satisfy your bubble tea craving. They even have Durian shakes -- not that good but not that bad, either, if you can get past the alien texture and scent.

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        1. re: joyceo

          I just tried Savor Saigon last night and it was great. It was the first time I tried bubble tea and it was really good, though the tapioca is a bit of a surprise if you are not used to it. they also have great fruit shakes - the honeydew shake was outstanding! Very good pho too.

          1. re: AmblerGirl

            Went again this past Sunday. Gets better every time we go -- goi cuon great -- but enjoy them and then walk over to H Mart and buy the ingredients yourself. What an easy summer meal or lunch-at-your-desk when you're too busy to go out at work! I added bean sprouts to mine and if you butterfly the shrimp it will roll better. Anyway, the noodle dishes at Savor Saigon are as good or better than Vietnam Palace in Philly. Try the rice noodles with grilled pork...and the Chai tea with tapioca is a fun drink.

          2. re: joyceo

            Oh, wow. This is close to my parents' house and we're always at a loss where to eat around there. Btw, what is H Mart?

            1. re: isadorasmama

              HMart is Hanareum supermarket, a Korean/Japanese Supermatker chain started by a guy in NY.