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A friend gave me a lot of celery and I don't know what to do with it. Has anybody made like celery confit? All ideas very welcome.

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  1. Celery holds it's own for a long time, so don't feel pressed to use it all up right away. Put it into any salad; chicken, tuna, egg....you get the idea.
    Find recipes which utilize the "trinity" of celery, bell pepper and onion (go to foodtv.com and check out Emeril's reicpes)
    Put it into soups for texture.
    Serve it up as an appetizer with some cream cheese inside it.
    Crunch on!

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      Speaking of the New Orleans "trinity," I chop up the three, then in put enough in sandwich bags, and freeze, for one recipe. Makes for a really quick jambalaya, soup, etc.

    2. I have this problem on a regular basis. There's a good celery salad recipe on freshdirect.com from the 'Celebrate' cookbook...cannot remember the author, one of the 'Silver Palate' women...(I think). It has mint in it and is really nice, light and refreshing. Just search under celery and the recipe will pop-up.

      1. Too use up little bits at a time:
        -add to tuna salad, waldorf salad, chicken salad
        -stock or other slow cooking things that need carrot/celery/onion
        -make ants on a log and donate to a classroom's end-of-year party or b-ball game :)

        1. Crudites: Cut up celery sticks and serve with some yummy dips. The other night I made a *divine* sauce which could be a dip or salad dressing.

          Into blender: a couple of cloves of minced garlic, a little dried dill, crumbled feta, some buttermilk. (equal parts buttermilk and feta, I think - I don't have the recipe on me). Then with blender/processor on, stream in some olive oil, then season with pepper. I make sauces and dips all the time and this is one of the best ones ever. I wanted to eat it with a spoon right out of the fridge - wait, I was eating it with a spoon right out of the fridge!

          1. It is actually really good roasted! Clean some stalks, cut the ends off, and make sections a few inches long, splitting (the long way) the wider pieces. Lavishly drizzle on some olive oil, add some salt and pepper, and pop into a hot oven. Turn after a bit, and turn again after several more minutes. Bake till browned along the edges. But, be more cautious than I was when eating them. With the moisture content being high, the celery retains heat for a spell. I burned my lower lip, and had a fuller lip for a few days!

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              On a similar theme, I've made this and thought it was quite delicious:

            2. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/35818...

              Check out this link for a really simple and very delicious celery salad recipe. Refreshing and tasty.

              1. I actually love celery soup - warm or cold. Don't have a recipe handy right now though. I think I usually use the recipe from JC's Way to Cook - the master recipe with some rice in it that is a base for various vegetable soups. Very nice with tarragon, or a dollop of cream or some salmon roe.

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                1. You can dice & freeze it in a little water in recipe-sized quantities for use in liquidy dishes like beans, soups, and braises. The texture isn't so crisp after freezing, but in simmered dishes, the celery goes soft anyway.

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                    Try braising it in a little chicken stock and white wine-I had this dish years ago at a New Year's Eve dinner at a very high end restaurant in "Old Quebec" so I suspect the details are available in any vintage French cookbook.

                  2. I agree with what everyone has said, you can use it in almost any salad, also a good healthy snack is to put reduced fat peanut butter inside it. It's really good. I also sometimes soak pieces of celery in balsalmic dressing- its awesome!

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                      Even be better stuffed with pimento cheese!

                    2. I like to clean a bunch at a time and stand it in a tall glass of water. You'd be amazed at how much celery you and your family will eat if it's cleaned and hanging out on the counter. I love sprinkling it with sea salt or dipping it in blue cheese dressing, but any dressing will do. Save the tops/leaves in a baggie in the freezer for when you're making stock.

                      1. I always have this problem! I personally hate raw celery & hate to waste food, so I need one stalk and buy the bunch and then what to do with the rest?

                        One way to use it up is soup. De-string it as much as you can, then slice & sweat in butter with some onion and leek if you have it, then add chx stock to cover and simmer a little while, then puree. Immersion blenders are great for this, one of the few kitchen gadgets I have any patience for. The celery leaves are very pretty for garnish.

                        And the soup freezes really well.

                        This is even better if you have some chestnuts to add, the flavor goes great. Unfortunately my open jar of them in the fridge got moldy when I wasn't looking.

                        1. I was at a party where the host filled a baking dish with raw celery, covered it with heavy cream, and baked it until it was mushy. That was all. It was shockingly good, and I am not a big fan of celery.

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                            Was the celery sliced or in stick/stalk pieces?

                            Personally I think celery is on the far edge of edible, but drowning in heavy cream can make almost anything taste good.

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                              Braised celery is a winter favorite vegetable for us. We don't even like celery. One of my kids loathes it but we all like this dish.
                              Just cut on the diagonal into 2 inch pieces. Braised in chicken stock with a knob of butter added at the end to make the sauce coat the celery. Salt and pepper. Add herbs if you like. Fifteen minutes? Easy, Inexpensive. No reason not to gild the lily with cream other than calories

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                                I remember my poor mother trying to serve up braised celery. The result was instant mutiny among the 4 of us kids. It was irrational, we loved celery soup, celery chunks cooked up with pot roast but braised stalks served up as a side veg did not get eaten. If it was going to be in stalks it was raw. She also could not get by with putting chopped tomatoes in soups. We all picked them out and would not touch them. We loved tomatoes. So go figure!

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                                  One of my kids quit Brownies over Ants on a Log. If I so much as mention the name of the woman who led that troop, I get a Celery Nazi earful more than 20 years later. She'll eat braised celery. Go figure.

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                                    I love loads of celery in tuna and chicken salads, and with dips. Don't really care for it in a mixed salad.

                                    I loathe cooked celery.

                            2. Kylie Kwong does a pickled celery. I tried it once, it was really good!
                              I'll see if I can find the link...


                              1. I like Gelson's Herbed Tuna Salad stuffed into long stalks of celery. Great diet food. Lots of crunch so it seems like you're really eating substantially.

                                Carol Field has a terrific Italian baked and stuffed celery appetizer in her book "Italy in Small Bites".

                                Irene Kuo has a good cold Chinese celery appetizer in her book ... one of myh favorite Chinese cookbooks despite the lack of photos.

                                And sauteed celery is good in many disguises ... hot, cold and with other vegetables and meats.

                                1. I've been wanting to try to make celery sorbet for a while now. I still haven't gotten around to it, but i've loved Dr. brown's cel-ray soda since i was a kid.

                                  Here's a possible recipe:

                                  1. I made a celery--blue cheese soup this month. It was sooo easy to put together (sautee onions, celery, add stock and cream, puree or not, add blue cheese). Mmmmm! Very VERY rich but we were fighting for the last drop. I think I squeezed on a little lemon to brighten it up.