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May 24, 2007 07:35 AM

Meat to add to a veggie meal?

I'm having a vegetarian girlfriend over for dinner tonight, so planned the menu accordingly: cucumber dill soup, summer vegetables and feta on whole wheat penne, and peach/mango sorbet. I was going to just cook up a chicken sausage or two for my husband, who is a big meat-eater.

Now, we have another meat-eater coming. Should I do something a bit nicer now for the meat? I've done so much steak and lamb lately, I don't want to do that. I just wanted a light summer meal, and those don't fit the bill. Perhaps some nice mediterannean-inspired meatballs? Maybe with turkey? But do I make a sauce for them? Maybe roasted red pepper sauce?

Any help, suggestions or advice would be grand. It's for tonight, so it really has to be something that'll come together quickly.

Thank you, all!

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  1. I would suggest to just cook up some chicken breast, slice it and lay it on top of the meat eaters pasta. I am vegan, and if I was cooking for friends who come over, I would just serve them a vegan meal. Is there something I might be missing, or why you can not just serve a vegetarian meal to everyone?

    1. They're meat-lovers, and since I'm trying to cook a nice meal for everyone, I want to make something that they enjoy, too. That's all.

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        >>I'm trying to cook a nice meal for everyone<<

        It IS a nice meal, just as you originally planned it. I'm not vegetarian, but I agree with rindinella k. Let them see how nice a veg meal can be. You might be pleasantly surprised by their reaction. Then again.... lol.

      2. I say keep it simple. If you have a hubby and a guest who prefer meat, go ahead and grill a couple of those chicken sausages for them. I don't think you need to overthink it and create a whole new entree. Your menu sounds very nice.

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          I agree that the chicken sausage on the grill will be fine. The menu is great as is and all the die hard meat eaters will need is the extra protein source. Sausage is great with pasta, grilled makes it even better.

        2. Thanks, guys. It'll be a lot easier than making meatballs in half an hour!