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May 24, 2007 07:31 AM

Wedding Gift: Online shop to buy mixed case

Hi folks:

I'm looking for some advice on where to buy wine online. Specifically I'm hoping to get a mixed case (white, red, champagne) for my friend (I was best-man) and his new bride. Ideally I'd get some drink now and drink later bottles to provide a nice mix and hopefully prevent them from enjoying them all right away :)

If anyone wants to take a crack at crafting the case with me that'd be cool too. Maybe a range of prices. . .with the highest bottle at around $50. I know this is asking a lot but I figured if anyone this group would be up to task.

**Also if there's a shop that ships (to AZ ) at a relatively low (or no) cost that'd be a great bonus.


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  1. My favorite online store is Woodland Hills Wine Company (


    Other great ones are K&L ( and Wine Exchange (

    Premier Cru ( often has insanely good prices, but their selection is hit-or-miss- they deal with a lot of grey market wines.

    1. Where in AZ?...there are plenty of solid wine shoppes more than willing to assist you
      with your needs.............

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          Just a suggestion, but maybe you could ask on the Southwest board for a good wine shop in their area, call up and assemble a case with a knowledgeable person by phone, pay by credit card, and then either ship or have your friends pick it up?

          I assume you don't live nearby, hence the shipping, but this might save some shipping cost if it's convenient for them to go grab the case.

          If you must ship, I have had great experience with K&L.

      1. if you want a large large selection works as well. You just have to make sure if any of these places actually ship to AZ. AZ is notorious for taking a long time with wine.


          These guys will ship to AZ - shipping is not free but lots of cool wine under $50.