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May 24, 2007 07:28 AM

Chinese on the East side

Looking for a good date place for chinese food on the East side. Preferably north of Grand Central. Suggestions?

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  1. our place - 82nd st/3rd ave

    1. Chin Chin - in the 40s, I think.

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        49th between 2nd and 3rd. Have the duck w/ pancakes or the grand marnier shrimp. Yummy!

        1. re: MellieMac

          Yep - and it's a pretty room - though if you go, make sure to ask for a table in the front room - the back one isn't nearly as nice and gets noisy - I think there is tile on the floor maybe ...

      2. Shanghai Pavilion on the UES btwn 78th and 79th. I'm taking my parents to meet my boyfriend's parents there. He and I tested it first. I'm a big fan of Chinatown (HUGE FAN) as well, and was really excited to find this spot in a location convenient to my apt. The service was lovely (they brought us everything promptly, they served the dishes onto our plates when the food arrived). For the meal, we got the pork and crab juicy buns, which the boyf liked, but I didn't in comparison to Shanghai Joe. They were however, delicate and beautiful. The waiters served us each bun we ate (maybe only b/c it wasn't crowded - or maybe for that reason, they're trying harder?). We also had the Lion's Head casserole, which I'd never had before. It was DELICIOUS. Then we got the chicken and broccoli with General Tso's sauce (from the mix and match menu option) and it was quite possibly the best General Tso's (not spicy, but tangy and sweet) I've ever had (I very rarely eat GT's Chicken, but this sauce on a lighter dish was great). The food was fresh, not oily, and the presentation was wonderful. I was quite thrilled!