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May 24, 2007 07:25 AM

good dinner in east end of Rochester NY [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

Any good ideas? Like hihg quality ings. fair prices


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  1. Venetos (my favorite)

    Or their new restaurant next door (haven't tried yet - looks great


    The Social (no web site yet - here's a review of sorts)

      1. 2 Vine, although it's pricy, is considered top-notch. It's located just behind the Little Theater.

        Pomodoro on University has great prices and a lovely patio and atmosphere.

        Mex has great drinks, turns into a bar scene but serves Americanized Mexican by day.

        Also, Golden Port/House of Sushi for Dim Sum or Japanese is right next to the Eastman Theatre/School campus.

        1. 2 Vine is tasty and not CRAZY expensive. Definately a little on the higher end. Order their seafood b/c it is excellent. Any kind of pan-seared tuna dish will be to die for.

          We tried "The Social" and loved it. It is owned by the same owner as "Venetos" (also great food) on East Ave and is located next door. It is a tapas or "small plates" restaurant and we went with a group of 5. We ordered about 10 plates and shared everything. Everything was tasty and great thought was put into every detail. The lamb lollipops were cooked to perfection as was the flank steak. The menu has several quesedillas such as a crab and brie one that had a hidden spice that we tried to figure out all evening (lemon zest, tartar sauce?). The wine list could use a little more imagination.

          Sinbads on Park ave is excellent Medditerranean food. Everything is very light and fresh but still filling. Sitting outside is fun because you can people watch but the inside still needs a little more atmosphere even tho they have recently redesigned. It is still not quite cozy.

          Taco John's Eatery on South Avenue is a new Mexican restaurant. Not necessarily authentic but everything seems to be made from scratch and very reasonably priced (a huge burrito for $6 and beer for $3).

          Tapas 177 on St. Paul is fun. I love going down the stairs into the dining area b/c it's like entering a deep dimly lit cave. Very romantic (but dark so bring your mini flashlight if your eye sight is failing!) It is also a "small plates" restaurant but it has a more spanish feel. The food is extremely ecletric, pulling it's ideas from all over the world. The wine list is very nice too with some extra thought going into tasty yet reasonably priced selections.

          And of course my favorite open-all-night dive is Mark's Texas Hots on Monroe Ave. Great chocolate milkshakes (even tho the servers hate to make them), chicken fingers, and turkey reubens.