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May 24, 2007 07:03 AM

Romantic Date in TriBeCa...Help!!!

I'm crazy about this a girl and want to take her to a really romantic special place, I'm thinking in the TriBeCa area. I'm looking for small and intimate and of course fantastic food. To get a sense of where I am, Bouley and Danube seem too geriatric Duane Park Cafe too stuffy. Estancia looks seems like more along the lines of what I'm looking for but I've never been there.. is the food good? People also seem to like Ivo and Lulu. Does it have the vibe I'm looking for?

I could also creep northward to the Vilage and West Village too.

Any help is definitely appreciated!!!!

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  1. I wouldn't go to Ivo&Lulu. It's cozy, but I wouldn't say it's neccessarily romantic. Strange, but I never found Duane Park Cafe stuffy. I haven't been there in a while though. Anyway, I think Bouley Bakery downstairs is always a great candidate. You might have to call and ask them if they can sit you there, because sometimes they like to keep people together upstairs so they can service them faster. Actually, I think Pao is a great candidate, it's off the beaten path - definitely no tourists there, great food and service, and intimate. You can walk there from Tribeca.

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        I second The Harrison. Dark, quiet enough, good food and service. Didn't feel rushed. Not sure if it's romantic, there were a fair amount of suits there.

      2. I don't think Danube is very geriatric at all. As long as you don't show up at 6.30 the crowd should be a good mix of people. If you are looking for a romantic special place Danube would be perfect.

        1. If you don't mind going to East Village, I suggest Degustation. It is a small intimate place and serves excellent small plates. Great for sharing with your girl and have some nice conversations. Since they are small plates, you can easily order off the whole menu for 2 people, and everything is delicious. It is initimate and small but not a bit stuffy. Not to mention it is very reasonably priced.

          Do a search on the Manhattan board and you will see some recent reviews on Deguestation. As far as I can remember they were all positive. I have never been disappointed at Degustation.

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            Second Degustation as well. Went recently and chowhounders were spot on. It was much more intimate then I anticipated.

          2. I don't know what your budget is but what comes to my mind immediately is Chanterelle - an extremely romantic room in one of the coolest buildings in the city and with excellent food that has remained fresh and innovative after all these years.

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              While I found Chanterelle to be romantic, I also think that it is VERY stuffy, more so than Bouley or Danube IMO.

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                Chantarelle has fabulous food and great service. The dining room is very formal and IMO not romantic.