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May 24, 2007 06:58 AM

2 days in Paris - Montreal foodie with NO CLUE!


I am staying in Paris for two days in the beginning of June and I have had no time to do any research. I would love recommendations on the not to miss places, but also a recommendation for one big special dinner (max 50-70 Euros not including wine.)
I am staying at
Hotel Concorde Montparnasse
30 / 40 Rue du Commandant Mouchotte
75014, Paris, France

I know this is a general help request, but I just don't have time to do a lot of specific research.

I have lived in Montreal for 8 years and want to make the most of my two days in Paris.

Thank you!


Kate Salter

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  1. This could be hard. You come from such a fabulous city for food. Think of how you would answer the question to someone coming to Montreal. Here go a few of my suggestions. This is our third trip to Paris and I am including places we will definitely eat and well as some other ideas.

    Benoit-The Marais

    L'Ami Jean(this might be your don't miss especially because I can't think of any place in Montreal that rivals)

    Chez Denise(in the first-open into the wee morning hours but closed Sat-Sunday)

    Les Papilles (where we will go for lunch before soaking up the glory of Jardins du Luxembourg).

    If you are planning on visiting Montmarte I would absolutely recommend a lunch at La Mascotte. Shellfish galaore await you.

    1. The best restaurant near your hotel hotel is La Cagouille, featuring seafood. Not cheap, as you would expect in Paris, but various prix-fixe menu options may fit your budget. It is about 2/3 blocks away. Please reserve.

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        Oh dear Kate I'm sort of blindsided - there are lots of nice places in the 14th - try cityvox paris also Lonely Planet. I'll be thinking of other bons plans. What kind of food do you fancy?

        1. re: Oakglen

          ditto the recommendation of La Cagouille. ;>)

        2. Please try Sensing, the new bistrot of Guy Martin, the three star chef of Le Grand Vefour and Spring, who's chef Daniel Rose is an American. Spring has taken tout de paris captive. It is a small restaurant with no choice. Chef Rose also teaches classes. The website (actually the chef's blog) is www.springparis. Another suggestion is tea at the Jaquemart museum in the 9th arr. Don't miss the wonderful collection and gorgeously furnished mansion. Enjoy yourself. Oh yes, I recommend a visit to L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon.

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            Unfortunately, Le Sensing has gone down. While it was smashing in the beginning, I had a really so-so meal lately. Besides, very mediocre service. Dommage, especially given the somewhat high prices for what you get. It's on my 'not-to-return' list.

            Instead, I highly recommend the re-opened and re-modeled Le Caméléon (Jean-Paul Arabian). What a delight!
            Phone has changed though: 01 43 27 43 27.
            6, Rue de Chevreuse (off Blvd. Montparnasse), 6th arr., M°: Vavin.

            Regarding the Jacquemart-André Museum: It's closed for dinner, but it's a definite go for Sunday brunch. Reserve!

            1. re: Dodo

              Sorry to hear about Le Sensing--It sounds like it is going the uneven route of Le Grand Vefour.

          2. For 70 euro you may consider going to a michelin 3 star for lunch. It'll be more memorable and the food plus service will be outstanding.

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              I love L'Os a Moelle, L'Ami Jean, Le Scheffer and Mon Vieux Ami among other grand and reasonably priced choices. So little time, so many choices!