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May 24, 2007 06:53 AM

China Grill Miami Spice Preview - Miami Beach

China Grill restaurants (China Grill, Social, Tuscan and Blue Door) are previewing their Miami Spice menus this weekend (unfortunately one of the busiest and most traffic prone weekends of the year on the beach). Price has bumped up from $30 to $35. places will up the quality of their selections this year.

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  1. You would think with pros like the china grille group, they would have picked a better weekend to do this...

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      Agree and it's too bad cause the Tuscan Steak deal is one of the best

    2. What a huge disappointment!! We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at China Grill in Las Vegas a few years ago. So, we decided to make it our last stop on a recent trip to Miami because we thought it would be the perfect ending to the perfect weekend. IT WAS AWFUL. The service was sporadic, the food was marginal, the prices were not acceptable for the sub-par food quality, the atmosphere (80's music and empty room) bordered on depressing and they gauge you for $15 for valet parking, non-inclusive of the tip!! We ordered the Chinese chicken salad, which was bland, flavorless and lacking in chicken. We also ordered the skirt steak accompanied by lobster mashed potatoes. As a child I remember eating potatoes from a box, the kind that required the addition of water. That is what we got. Boxed potatoes with a few pieces of chewy, flavorless lobster. The skirt steak was not memorable and the portion was small. After receiving a substantial bill, we left disappointed and upset that we had made this our last stop in Miami. We were met with..."that will be $15 please" from the valet parker. When we complained to the manager, he acted as though he could care less, because he didn't care. I work in the business and I know that he had the chance to make things right and at least take care of the parking, but he chose not to. Hospitality professionals know that making guests happy is the ultimate goal. STAY AWAY!

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        If you valet in south beach, you know your going to pay, thats South Beach!

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          Sorry to hear of your disappointing meal. I've generally found China Grill to be servicable, with some items (crispy calamari salad) quite good, but clearly you had a lousy meal. Complaining about the food is fine, but it's still not the restaurant manager's responsibility to pick up the valet parking charge.

          1. re: Frodnesor

            Lobster mashed potatoes has to be the best margin-enhancing food invention ever! Add a few bits of expensive seafood to an otherwise ridiculously cheap base ingredient and then charge 4x as much!

          2. re: spectre

            Yes, I am aware that valet parking is part of the SoBe experience. However, as a tenured hospitality professional, I know that it was within the manager's power to try to fix the overall negative experience. An easy remedy would have been to take of the valet parking and ask questions about food quality versus being dismissive. The customer, whether right or wrong, wants to be heard and to feel as though their concerns are addressed; even if those concerns are remedied for the next person. China Grill has clearly, in my opinion, become a chain restaurant that is equivalent to Bennigan's.

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              I agree that managers can sometimes ease the pain of a bad dining experience. As a hospitality professional, however, you ought to know that valet parking is contracted out, and not under the control of the restaurant in 99% of the cases. Next time you're in Miami, try one of our homegrown spots instead of the chains-maybe you'll see a different attitude. But I can tell you one thing-once you sign up for the $15 Valet Parking, you night as well be wearing a sign that says SUCKER. Sorry, but it's true.