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May 24, 2007 06:46 AM

Prezza, Lucia, Taranta? Help!


I just joined this board, so I can clearly see this is not a "new" topic, but any help would be appreciated! My parents are coming into town, and I want them to have a delicious Italian meal (price not really an issue.) I don't want a tourist trap, or an overpriced, hyped up underwhelming restaurant. Any suggestions for some delicious food, nice atmosphere, and great service? The restaurants I mentioned in my topic seem to be mentioned a lot, so I figure fellow chowhounds would have some great opinions! I'm open to all suggestions, but only in Boston.


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  1. The three places are quite different. Prezza is the most upscale/refined in terms of food and atmosphere, if money is no matter, that's where I would go. Taranta does offer very interesting dishes, primarily southern Italian with judicious Peruvian influences; the cooking is excellent, but perhaps not as seamless as Prezza. Lucia is a more basic, there are a few Abruzzese dishes worth trying (e.g. Maccheroni Chitarra); the desserts there are very good.