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Oct 16, 2005 01:26 AM

Jack Falstaff

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A friend had told us that Jack Falstaff was wonderful. Wrong! The food was average, overpriced and the service was awful. It was not busy. The waiter ignored us, did not even try to take a wine order. Our cocktails took way too long to arrive, the meal was forever being served. We did not want dessert, so he put the bill down and didn't ask if we wanted coffee. Then he vanished. We left the money on the table and left. We felt we were not "important" enough to receive decent treatment. This is an over hyped place.

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  1. Sorry about your experience at Jack Falstaff...we've dined there twice now--once as a couple, and once as a four-top--and had good meals and service both times...the place does register a little high on the trendy-o-meter, but haven't been put off by that, so far...I don't think of myself as important, so that can't be the reason we were treated well...after a cooling off period, it might be worth it to give the place another try...

    1. We had dinner there one time and just thought that the space was somewhat "cold," not very inviting. The food was alright, not overly exciting. We have not been back and probably have no plans to. It's really more not liking the venue than the food itself.

      1. Went once late on a Friday night. Service was attentive and friendly, but the food was not compelling. Too many finely chopped ingredients mixed in the duck and salad dishes - the kitchen was trying too hard and not hitting the mark at all. Also overpriced. Didn't drink wine because we had just come from a lengthy happy hour at Nova across the street. We probably should have stayed at Nova to eat better for much less money.

        1. Just got back from my first meal at Jack Falstaff. The food was very good but the service was VERY spotty. Waiter disappeared for long stretches of time and was not attentive. Got confused, he didn't remember if we ordered dessert and didn't offer us coffee or tea. I liked the decor and the vibe - but it will be a while to return due to the service. It was a nice place to have a quiet lunch conversation.

          I think I might try the Salt House or the new Ducca instead.

          Jack Falstaff Restaurant - CLOSING May 9
          598 2nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

          Salt House
          545 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105

          50 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

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            don't expect to have a "quiet lunch conversation" at Salt House. Can't speak to Ducca.

          2. Decent food, weak service was my experience. Too many others to taste, so I probably won't be back myself.

            But enough whining about this place...