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May 24, 2007 06:17 AM

Ezra's Pound?

Hi all,

Does anyone have any info about this new place opening up on Dupont? I see the sign, and something about organics, but I'm not sure about the concept. Would be nice to have another option besides Bistro Tournesol on that strip. (Although I'm not sure that name is controversy free, punny as it may be, but that's another board.)

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  1. was thinkin' the same thing...
    been by a few times in the last few wks, interesting name as you said...
    it's located directly beside the liquor store on dupont at dupont/spadina fyi

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    1. re: dannyboy

      I went in the morning and had a fantastic cappucino. The place is "uber-funky" and from what I saw being delivered to the tables..the food looks yummy. Even though it has only been open for a few weeks, people were lining up!!

      1. re: domesticgodess

        Ezra got started at Coffee Tree/Dark City in Forest Hill Village and then was working at Kalendar on College. He has had great training making a mean latte, etc. I am really looking forward to trying a cuppa at his own place!

    2. Basically it's just coffee and a few snacks.
      I was looking for something more substantial so walked in at lunchtime - and walked out again. And they close at 4:00.
      But their 'fixed-price, fixed-menu only available evenings in the week containing a full moon' certainly suggests this place is a little (or a lot) different!
      Apparently it's already sold out for June and July - but without a menu I can't even speculate on what that might include.

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        1. Maybe I'm being dense, but I totally don't get the name. What is the pun?

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          1. re: ddelicious

            Ezra is the first name of the owner, looks like. Ezra Pound was a poet.

            1. re: Minnow

              I thought Ezra Pound ....had something to do with a POUND of coffee!! Oops!! I defintely need to read more poetry!! (but when would I have time to read about food??)

          2. I love it! They are friendly and serious about their coffee Where else can one get a cup of brewed to order? The results are delicious and definitely worth the wait! I tried a croissant (excellent) and will sample one of their scones next (they looked fabulous). Highly recommended.

            1. The original comment has been removed