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May 24, 2007 06:06 AM

Barilla Green and Black Olive Sauce??

Has my favorite (albeit super-salty) jarred sauce disappeared forever?! I looked for it yesterday at my local supermarket, and it was nowhere to be found.

Anyone know?

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  1. Barilla products are sold at many supermarkets in many towns, not just the one in your neighborhood. The Barilla website happens to have a gizmo right on the homepage that lets you pick a product, punch in a zipcode, and see where it's sold near you. According to it, there are about 8,436 stores in my area that carry the one you want. Your area may be different. Maybe your neighbors like blander tomato sauce. Maybe they chop up their own olives and throw them into a more basic sauce. Who knows?

    If other stores in your area carry the flavor you like, you might be able to cajole the manager of your store to reconsider the decision to drop it, but since they did drop it, someone probably felt it wasn't selling enough.

    1. I just bought some at Key Food-Avenue A and 4th Street

      1. It looks like it's gone forever now. It's no longer listed on the Barilla website and they've changed all their packaging. I guess it didn't sell as well and got cut.

        I am extremely mournful.

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          That's unfortunate. Probably my favorite jarred sauce. Maybe I can scout out some remaining supplies somewhere.

          1. re: ferret

            Dude, I seriously made an account JUST TO GIVE YOU THE GOOD NEWS!!!! It is MY fav sauce too, and after a while I couldn't find it. Weeellllllll. I just moved to Jeju Island, South Korea---and here it is!!!!!!!

        2. As for the saltiness, that's part of the appeal. Much like a puttanesca the salt is an essential part of the flavor profile. Years ago, when my kids were small, we indulged their California Pizza Kitchen desires and I would always order the kalamata, caper and anchovy pizza. Now there's a salty profile. Sadly discontinued (I'd guess that there was little demand).