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May 24, 2007 06:01 AM

Dinner Party #1- feed back?

Okay tonight is the 1st of a cluster of parties I will be hosting over the next few weeks and i think i have decided on a menu.
I am going to make a bunch of crostini and have spreads out- as it stands i will make a dolphin (mahi mahi) dip - see discussion-
roasted garlic with walnut and feta dip
then i was thinking of some fresh melon with procutto and shaved parm-
any other suggestions?
okay then we go to sit down- I was thinking of serving a salad course before the meal- I wanted to make Ina's salad where she pan fry's the goat cheese (breaded) and placed them over nicly dressed greens- this might change if I see some amazing tomatoes and buffalo mozzerella in the store today- then i want to make the fresh salad from sunday suppers- what do you guys think?
Main course will be Marcella Hazan Bolegnese- question- do you guys reccomend grinding your own meat for this particular recipe? I usually get ground already- also i never tried the addition of pork- what do you think?
Fresh french bread to pass at the table
anything else you think?
Desert will probably be crem brulee- any other suggestions??
Feed back please... :)

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  1. Sounds delicious. I never grind my own meat and I do use some pork. If you are serving the bolognese w/ pasta, I'd skip the bread myself. Which salad from Sunday Suppers were you thinking of? Rubee has been raving about the Green Goddess dressing - bought the ingredients but haven't gotten around to making it. The Meyer Lemon dressing for the spring endive salad is delicious - had it this week with some baby bit lettuce.

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      I am going to disagree on the bread. The time that I most want bread is with pasta and a tomatoey sauce.

      I think the menu sounds great, and wish I was in Bermuda.

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        I made Ina's green goddess dressing and it is truly amazing... not uch else is needed in terms of salad stuff... I just used romaine, some toasted pumkin seeds, some chunked tomatoes.. tossed... but a little crumbled goat cheese or feta on top... plus I would agree with the bread is a must have, especially if slightly warmed

      2. That sounds great! What's the recipe for the garlic/walnut/feta dip? Sounds great. I just made a garlic-feta dressing the other night and it was astonishingly delicious.

        You have a lot of bursting flavors. Maybe you could feature fruit in the dessert? I made an amazing rhubarb-berry crumble last week and the flavor pops so much! As I devoured it, I was telling myself that it would be so ideal to cap off a scrumptious dinner party.

        Drinks: Another thing you could do, since I'm a big rhubarb fan, would be to boil down a few stalks of chopped rhubarb with water and sugar to make a syrup, and then make fizzy rhubarb sodas/cocktails with homemade rhubarb syrup! Mmm-mmm! That would be a definite crowd-pleaser, and quite unusual, and versatile for nonalcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

        You could put out some great-quality olives to start (I like the ones stuffed with cheese), or maybe do an olive dip. You might want to add some crudites too for a lighter option since you'll have bread at the main course too.

        Good luck!

        1. I'm glad to see you're going with the bolognese! I can't wait to hear how much they loved it. I think pork would be luscious, so go for it! No need to grind your own meat, just follow her suggestion for the right amount of fat to lean ratio in your meat.
          I also wanted to share that Hazzan's bolognese portions is meant to be a primi. I used a pound of meat instead of 3/4 pound when I made it for 4 people. With two going for seconds, it almost all was eaten. So, just fyi.
          Also, if you can, stick with her strong suggestion of using tagliatelle. I did not make my own, but was fortunate enough to find dried at an Italian store. It really made the dish.
          I love the salad idea, and think bread is perfectly fine to serve with a pasta dish. More carbs.........who cares?!! It's a nice touch.
          The crem brulee with some fresh berries and a dusting of powdered sugar would be lovely.
          Sounds amazing..........lucky guests!

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            Thank you so much for all your comments! :) I am off to the store now and cant wait to start cooking- Foxy Fairy I iwll post the feta dip when i get some stuff going on the stove! :) MMRuth the salad i was thinking of if i dont make the goat cheese is the tomato and burrata (replacung with mozz) from the summer menu- Monavano- I will use a pound instead thank you for that insight! I was thinking dirty martinis with extra olives for coctail... :)

            1. re: gastronomy

     about prosecco for a nice Italian sparkling wine? If not, hey, what's better than an olive plucked out of a martini?? yum

              1. re: monavano

                The dinner was wonderful! Thank you for all your input everyone! The only thing i changed was the hors derves- instead of feta dip (it felt a little to much rich dishes) i made a roasted eggplant and peppers spread- It was all a great hit-
                Feta and walnut dip
                1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
                1 cup walnut halves, toasted
                1 1/2 cups feta cheese
                1/2 cup milk
                1 teaspoon dried oregano
                1/4 small bunch parsley chopped
                Freshly ground black pepper
                1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
                1 large clove garlic chopped
                Combine all ingredients except olive oil in food preocessor and turn into a smooth paste-
                Drizzle dip with extra-virgin olive oil and serve.
                Serve with homemade pita chips- so yumm!!

                1. re: gastronomy

                  Thanks for the recipe. What did the guests think of everything?