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May 23, 2007 09:26 PM

Top 3 Restaurants in San Antonio............

I have 3 nights in the great city. Can you offer three of the finest dining establishments in the city. Thanks.

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  1. Le Reve
    Biga on the Banks
    These are all very fine restaurants, but if good Tex-Mex is not available where you live you want to try work-in La Margarita or Mi Tierra.

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    1. re: Honey Bee

      What is good at Boudros? My recent visit there was pretty atrocious. (And the place smells bad, but I'm willing to overlook that if the food is awesome.)

      1. re: tom in austin

        Did it smell because of the river? The Riverwalk can be stinky at certain times of year or if it is being drained.
        It has been over 5 years since I have been there so it may have changed. At the time I went with a chef who was friends with the Boudros chef (which may have skewed the quality of food/service we received). We did not order off the menu, but were served a chef's tatsing menu. I remember a spinach salad that was very fresh and bright in flavors, as well as the seafood courses being notably good. For dessert we had creme brulee which was nice because the creme was warm. (So often the custard is cold because it was premade and chilled until ready to be served when they carmelize the sugar on top.)
        I will try to find out if the chef changed since my visit.

        1. re: Honey Bee

          Hi tom in austin,

          I wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to give the place another try. If you do, however, some good dishes that I’ve sampled include the guacamole, the chicken-fried ribeye, the fish of the day (either herb-crusted or grilled), and the mesquite-grilled quail. I almost always go around the same time—2 or 3 P.M.—to avoid a wait. I'm not sure who's in the kitchen at that hour, but he or she nailed everything that our large party ordered on my last visit (which was around the holidays, in December). Even the fried fish on one child’s plate was good enough to make me want to steal food from a baby.


          1. re: Honey Bee

            Creme Brulee has to be pre made and chilled.

            1. re: jscarbor

              Hmm...then perhaps they have found a way to warm the custard immediately before service and I only assumed they skipped the refrigeration. The only other place I have been to that served warm creme brulee is Vespaio in Austin. Either way I find this enhnaces the creamy mouth feel.

              1. re: Honey Bee

                Some people brulee under a broiler and that usually makes it a little warmer. That being said, you have to cook the creme brulee first then chill in the frig so that the custard can set up. Therefor all real creme brulee is pre-made really? Personally I prefer the cool creme brulee but to each his own.

        2. re: Honey Bee

          I was at Le Reve two weeks ago and was not impressed. We both had 4 courses dinner and the food was only mediocre. The veal was bland and the cured bacon in one of their appetizers was way too sweet. Overall, I like their service but not the food and definitely don't think it's worth to spend several hundreds on.

          1. I've had dinner at Las Canarias (it's associated with a hotel but I've forgotten which one) and The Fig Tree, both were great.

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            1. re: Cookiefiend

              La Reve definately, if you have transportation and are not adamant about being on the riverwalk/downtown I'd consider Silo's, The lodge at Castle hills, or Cafe mariposa (great sunday brunch).

            2. This kind of depends on where you are from and what you want to eat.

              If had only three nights and had to choose:

              1. Mexican - Rosarios
              2. Traditional - Liberty Bar
              3. Pesca - Seafood Riverwalk/downtown

              I would not waste my time with Boudros - the wait is too long and the food not that good. Le Reve if you want spend $150 per person without drinks pre-fixe.

              There are too many too narrow to 3...

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              1. re: Bacchus418

                Other than Liberty Bar, I know nothing about SAT. But if I lived there, that's where I'd be. This place has it all, good food, kinky atmosphere (read crooked floors and walls), nice food and really good prices.

                1. re: BlueOx

                  Another enthusiastic vote for Pesca. My husband and I had a wonderful meal there a few months ago!

                  1. re: BlueOx

                    I second Liberty Bar. I like its uniqueness. Great food too