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May 23, 2007 08:47 PM

BBQ at The Brick Pig's House - Nice People!

Looking for good BBQ and haven't been to The Brick Pig's House (5973 Shattuck Ave., Oakland), then you must give it a try. The owners are so FRIENDLY and really deserve your support, oh yeah, BBQ is real good too!

My dinner tonight: pork ribs, side of baked beans (very tasty, lots of black pepper flavor) and coleslaw, diet coke and for dessert, sweet potato pie. All of this for $14 and change.

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  1. As I said in a previous post, that has mysteriously disappeared, they are very nice folks
    who dish up some tasty food at prices significantly lower than some places. Their brisket
    6 slices was equal in size to Bo's, not as smoky, but at 40% of the cost. Give them a try.

    1. I finally had the chance to check out Brick's and they were exceedingly nice. I struck up a great conversation with them about where they're from(Cali and Philly), and how business was going. You can definitely smell the Q driving down street on Shattuck and it's a tiny little place that you can easily miss, but it's there, across the way from the elementary school/park.

      I was ordering for 4, so I was prepared for a big bill but it really was a good deal. I put together a combo order of ribs (not too smoky, but fall off the bone tender), beef links (spicy, not the style I prefer but my friends liked it), brisket (tasty and tender, chopped), and chicken (white meat chunks, they have dark meat of course too), 8 pieces of cornbread, 16oz side of baked beans, which were excellent, and sweet corn off the cob, and lastly one order of peach and one apple cobblers, both pretty good, but cold by the time I got to it. oh, and we got medium and hot bbq sauce on the side. All of this, came in just under $40. Truly a deal...

      Everything was pretty good, not the best I've had, but the ribs and brisket were my favorites. Very lean, but flavorful and tender meat. The sauce wasn't too sweet, but it could've been smokier and I prefer a thicker sauce myself. The spicy wasn't too spicy.

      I'll definitely go back and I hope they do well, nice folks like them deserve a successful business.

      1. Link:

        Brick Pig's House
        5973 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

        1. I agree that the folks that own the place are lovely. However, the one time that I bought dinner there (a month or six weeks after opening) I found everything lackluster. Nothing was out-and-out bad, but the chicken was on the dry side and the ribs did not have a really smokey flavor to them (I wasn't convinced at the time that they had actually been smoked). I don't remember the specifics of the sauce, but I do remember being glad that I had asked for it on the side.

          Anyway, this is a place I really wanted to like, but I don't see myself going back.

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            Same here--didn't detect a hint of smoke, sauce was way too sweet:


          2. I finally stopped by BPH. As mentioned, very nice people. I had the ribs and brisket combo. The ribs were was fall off the bone but the rest were not cooked enough (connective tissue not broken down). The brisket however was very good. The meat wasn't super smoky but there was smoke flavor.

            I liked the sauce. At first look, I didn't think the sauce would be any good (too thin) but it's balanced, not too tomato-y and not too sweet but had a nice bite (I had medium). Not the best ever but well executed. The sides were good and effort was put in...except for the baked beans.

            Value-wise, fair to good deal. The 2-way combo cost $21, which I thought was high until I realizeed how much it weighed, and they give you 3 sides, cornbread (only ok), dessert and a drink. I'll definitely go back for a full order of brisket. A full order of brisket seems like it would be well worth it.