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May 23, 2007 08:02 PM

Balboa Park "ethnic" food fair

Since I've lamented at least twice on this site that the San Diego U-T seldom announces cultural and food festivals anymore, I feel I should give them props for announcing this weekend's food fair at the International Cottages in the park. I won't be in town for this one, but other such events I've attended at Balboa included some delicious finds. I hope someone can make it and report back.

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  1. i wish i could go but my neighbor promised me some "langosh" from the Hungarian House.

    1. make sure you get the pasteles from the PR stand!

      1. The U-T stopped doing it because it is expensive and both the San Diego Weekly Reader and the Voice of San Diego do a better job on cultural activities. Just stop by the Reader or VoSD websites or pick up the latest copies for free. It's simply the best way to keep up on the cultural events in San Diego.