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May 23, 2007 07:15 PM

All Clad MC2 Scratching

I just bought a 10 inch mc2 frying pan- worked well but after use I noticed a fair nuber of scratches on the bottm (no big deal) but I also noticed that the enamel on the stove grates was chipped off in small areas. I checked the same pan with another burner that had no paint removed and sure enough, one or two swipes as though sauteeing, took took some ofthe paint off.
Anyone else have this issue? All my other all clad pans have not caused this. any comments appreciated.

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  1. Not sure what the question is here -- the MC2 is the stuff with the 'buffed" Al exterior -- done so that when you scour it the surface won't look and different. It is not rough to the touch but merely "hides use and cleaning abuse". Are you suggesting that the finish is harder on your stove? I really doubt that. Do you have an identical pan with a different exterior finish? My guess is the 10 fry pan lends itself to a more aggressive flipping technique and/or more contact with the grate.

    I hate porcelain cooking grates, they look new for maybe a week and then no about of care can restore them. I suppose you could buy replacements, but you'd have the same problem in short order.

    Lesson to be learned: when you buy your next stove if you care about how it looks, don't get porcelain cooking grates.

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      good advice- in my next house.... Appreciate the response.