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May 23, 2007 06:43 PM

Advice for Western Delights

Hey There

I am a NYer going out West for the first time--I am so excited I could burst! It looks so incredible!

I have been searching through some past threads but haven't been able to find what I want. So here are the details, advice is SO appreciated---Chouhounds have never let me down in all places so I'm looking forward!

I would love to know what is unique to the West food-wise and where to get good, fresh local favourites...I am not looking for the mega restaurants but rather the amazing hole in the wall.

Where do you most reccommend?

Here's the Itinerary:

June 11th - Vanouver
June 12th - Kamloops
June 13th and 14th - Banff / Lake Louise

We will be driving and would love to hit some of the small off the beaten track. Thanks in advance....

Will gladly report our journey!

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  1. If you're traveling along Highway 5 from Vancouver to Kamloops, or cool with driving out of Kamloops for about half an hour or so, the Quilchena Hotel might be a good spot - tends to work with local ingredients and has some very good chefs. It's about halfway between Kamloops and Merritt on Highway 5A, but it's a nice drive.

    1. When in Vancouver, always, always stop at Bin 941 on Davies Street. It's intimate, great food, great energy, great wine knowledge.

      In Lake Louise, you could always eat at the Post Hotel. Cost you a pretty penny, but it's world famous.

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        If I had only one day to spend in Vancouver, I would not spend it on Davie. Ugly and depressing street.

        Oops- unless you're talking about the Yaletown side.

      2. Hounds, is there any reason people are not recommending Truffle Pigs? It is a natural 'amazing hole in the wall' for this itinerary.

        Would have chimed in before but don't like recommending places I haven't been in over a year.

        Also, do a board search for Camrose; if you are two days in the area it would be worth the drive from Banff to this little town which has quite a few great places.

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        1. re: pepper_mil

          i always forget about truffle pigs - i'm still reading good reviews about it so it should still be good...

          parkside restaurant in vancouver is delightful!!

          1. re: pepper_mil

            Ha, sorry, Canmore, not Camrose. Getting the little towns mixed up....

            1. re: pepper_mil

              Love what the Truffle Pig is " about " ( organic, fresh local produce...)

              right up our alley!

              Thank you for all the suggestions....keep them coming!

          2. Vancouver - Aurora Bistro. Everything there is local and their whole wine list is from BC.
            Also they do a weekly "your Food, Your Wine" from Monday to Thursday all summer. 3 course meal with wine pairings for $49. Add dessert with pairing for an extra 11. Of course you can still order a la carte from the reg menu too, but I love the set course ones, such a good deal! You can always email them before you come and ask that they email you what the set course is for that week.

            Banff - I was there about a month ago and had dinner at "the Maple Leaf" was exceedingly good and the service was impeccable. And not super expensive either :)