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May 23, 2007 06:33 PM

Quest for Princess Cake in Seattle

Anyone out there know of bakery in Seattle [Puget Sound Area] that sells Princesses? I've got a birthday wish to fulfill, a vague idea what the cake actually looks like and its ingredients. Where do I go, contact?

From: A Seattle Newbie

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  1. "Layers of sponge cake with raspberry jam, whipped cream and Bavarian cream and covered with marzipan." Does that sound like what your looking for? If so, they have it at Hoffman's in Kirkland - and it's delicious.

    1. what a great question! I'm so glad you asked as this is my husband and son's favorite cake and I'll be frantically looking for it later this year after we move.

      You might try asking for Princess Torte as that is the most common name I have found.
      Princess torte is traditionally covered in not just any marzipane but green marzipane. I would be surprised if there wasn't a bakery in Ballard that sold it as its a scandinavian [okay, more precisely Swedish] thing.

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        Hoffman's marzipan is not green. It's a pale beige color. But the Princess Torte is delicious. Suggest calling ahead and ordering, as they can be quite popular.

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          Hmm, never seen it in beige--our swedish school sells the marzipane topping sometimes and its ALWAYS scary green easter grass color. Pretty sure my husband would turn his nose up! [but he's one of those darned purists! Maybe I could blindfold him..............................

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            Hoffman's doesn't shy away from custom work (wedding cakes), you could always just ask them to add some coloring. I'm sure they've had crazier requests.

            1. re: jenn

              Beige is the natural color of marzipan. Any other color would be dyed with food coloring. I'd bet Hoffman's would be willing to dye it for you.

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                no debate that the natural color of marzipane is beige, just saying that the natural color of the princess torte is electric green........

        2. Hi there - funny that you should mention Princess Cake. I saw some factory-made frozen princess cakes at IKEA in Kent, near the SouthCenter Mall. I just bought one, but haven't tried it yet. It is only around $6.99, and the IKEA salesperson said it was pretty good. Thanks.

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            we've had the IKEA version at the restaurant. Its okay in a pinch but nothing like a good bakery version. So if you don't like the IKEA one, try try again.

            FYI: in my humble opinion, Princess Torte is REALLY REALLY REALLY sweet. I can only take a little piece. But some people--say maybe my husband and son---could probably split a cake between them, especially if they had enough cold milk.

          2. Svedala Bakery in Pike Place Market has Princess Cake. You can google for their website and directions. I just ordered one and picked it up yesterday. It is rather light and tastes very good. I might prefer a little more cream filling and green marzipan. This cake was pink, no big deal. The IKEA cake is way too heavy and too sweet in my humble opinion.

            1. I know this is a little late :), but I just found out that Liberty Bay Bakery and Café in Poulsbo (west side of Puget Sound) makes Princess cakes. Their number is 360-779-2828 or email them at The chef's name is Jim.

              Liberty Bay Bakery & Cafe
              18996 Front St NE, Poulsbo, WA 98370