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Cuban in LA

Tried Versailles once, thinking/hoping it was affiliated with the "original" Versailles restaurant in Miami. A major miscalculation. Where do you go for ropa vieja, bistec empanizado and arroz con pollo, etc.?

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          Sometimes I am Burger Boy, sometimes I am HOT Link Boy........I crack myself up!

      1. I am not Cuban expert but there is Empanada place on Sawtelle/Venice; Venice Bakery serves cuban sandwitches

        1. I have been going to Cuban Bistro in Alhambra for years. They have a great menu. Great sangria. I usually go there for ropa vieja or the camarones enchilada. The rice is nice and fluffy and the beans are flavored to perfections. I don't usually like beans but I love they way the prepare it here. I think they have a thing called morros where they mix the beans and rice togheter for you with yucca.. that makes it extra creamy mmmmmm. Their fried yucca is a great appetizer. It comes iwht this creamy spicey dip. Gets packed on the weekend.. great band and dancing also.


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            Can we go sometime together? This place sounds great! I didn't even know it existed, and I drive through that area all the time. :-)

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              Yea it's been a neighborhood gem. It used to be very good and I would go every other month but i haven't gone in the last 2 yrs. They have great food and sangria

            1. If you like Cuban food "El Floridita" is an excellent choice! Also, Thursday nights are a good night to go if you're trying to save a few bucks -- they lower their prices on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays (nights when there's no Entertainment). Everything there is great!


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                I personally love La Cubana in Glendale. The moros & yuca is excellent (I prefer yuca as I'm one of the few people who don't like plantains).

              2. In case you're craving a worthy cuban sandwich, go with the Gold pick in Silver Lake, Cafe Tropical.