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May 23, 2007 06:07 PM

Wakefield near Boston, Freds Franks

I went yesterday. This gal took quite a beating going all over the world, or so it seemed, via train, bus, people's cars I didn't even know, and walking, just to have this supposed "must have" hot dog cooked on the Green Egg by Fred himself. Anyone ever try one of these? I learned of them through watching the Phantom Gourmet Saturday while sitting at home no where near Massachusettes. I had to have one and made it my mission.

Like to know anyone else's opinions [on this forum] if you've experienced this phenom.

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    1. So you *did* have one? How did you like it? You say "supposed" must have which makes it sound like you weren't thrilled. Between Phantom and the Globe article, I bet it'll be crowded for a while. One of these days for me but it'll be a couple more weeks.

      1. I have never bben, but it has been on my radar for a while. The last time I was at the Registry in REading, I asked on of the Registry cops about it. He said the dogs were great. I do like Pearl hot dogs- though they are HUGE., Glad it is opened on Saturdays now, as it is difficult for me to get there during the week.

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          I work in Reading and frequent Fred's. I have been twice this week and it seems that the crowd has significantly grown. Fred gets Pearl hot dogs in two sizes, and the regular size is not too huge.

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            That's good to know. I have only gotten them at the supermarket, and they are really big. Will have to see if any of my local supermarkets carry the smaller size.Like another said- I think I will wait a few weeks before stopping by on a Saturday.

        2. Starting out in Boston, I hit several snags along the way and on the way back there too. Some of that my fault, other stuff, not. So I wasn't in the worlds best mental state when I finally got there 17 minutes before he closed. He was pleasant, no complaints at all there. I got talked into an extra large by a customer who said, "You've come all this way, at least get the big one?" < which I didn't find to be huge. I was a little disappointed as the bun was not warmed, maybe a dumb thing to be disappointed in but I like my buns warmed/warm/steamed or grilled. No one else seemed to mind and he had about 5 others ordering too when I was there. I will say, having never had a Pearls dog, they are good and they do snap when you bite into them. Maybe the natural casing, don't know. I'll say this...for just short of 5 bucks, next time, I'll pass. Good mission and mission accomplished, just one I won't take again.

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          1. re: iL Divo

            I ventured to Frank's last week due to recommendations here and I really enjoyed it. It was on a sweltering day and while it is a convenient lunch stop for me, I can see where the experience could have been taken down a few notches had I to deal with the whole "planes trains and automobiles" conundrum. After all, not to take anything away from Frank's, it's nothing I couldn't replicate on my own grill.

            That being said, it was kinda fun. I got a regular Peal dog, a 1/3 linguica and a nice cool IBT Root Beer for $5.00 and change. I will go back cuz there is a bit of fun factor for lunch.

            It's tough for me to make the Speed's/ Franks "apples to apples" comparison as I begged my wife to get me a Speeds dog a few weeks ago ( not a convenient lunch stop for me) which sat on my kitchen counter a few hours before I was able to enjoy it.

            All in all it think Franks is what it is. Good quality forcemeats, grilled to order in a convivial outdoors atmosphere with a personal touch from people who take pride in what they do.

            Frank's has been around for a while and bully for him for the recent press providing him with some expanded recognition. I would think that off-peak hours would yield a more enjoyable experience.

            1. re: Food4Thought

              Off peak hours would have yielded me a better experience no doubt. But having been a foreigner to Boston and having never even heard of Wakefield, I think it's safe to say I set myself up for defeat. Next time I'm there, I think I'll go to the local supermarket by a friends house, and buy a package of large Pearl dogs and take them home where my DH and I can splender in the grass, uh, I mean happily partake in grilled dogs, our way.