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May 23, 2007 05:51 PM

Restaurant using Organic, Local, Sustainable Products?

Anyone know of a restaurant in Toronto that uses exclusively organic, local, sustainable products? It's wonderful to shop at farmer's markets, CSA, farm stores, co-ops, etc. but once in awhile, I would like to eat "clean" but have someone else cook it and serve it to me. I know about Eigensinn Farm but that is so WAY out of my price range.

Looking forward to recommendations and suggestions!

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  1. Globe Bistro, Jamie Kennedy Restaurant & JKWB feature a lot of local, organic & sustainable items on the menu. Maybe not absolutely exclusively organic, but pretty close.

    I would think all the ingredients at Live Organic Food Bar on Dupont are sustainable and organic...although maybe not local.

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      I am pretty sure that Live uses organic, local, sustainable products whenever they are available. Also, I think Fresh, vegetarian Haven and Fressen both do as well. I'm not sure if you mind, but all four I mentioned are veg*n restaurants, if that doesn't bother you.

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        i did an eat local last may and found easily available information difficult to come by... i did compile a list of options that spanned organic/local but not exclusively both. you can check it out here. some chowhounds helped me out with suggestions and while it's not a sit down resto... camros is probably a great option.

        another interesting choice would be the guerilla gourmet - my review here - as she pretty much cooks out of her own garden and family farms/orchards. she seems to be vegetarian from what i've gathered from other reviews/menus. it's much more homey style though.

        jkwb is probably your best bet for proper service. the restaurant is really exorbitantly priced. they can pretty much tell you EVERYTHING they put into each of the dishes and from my knowledge jk has his own organic farm and vineyard and reguarly dips into their offerings. the big wall of jars contains pickled items from the farm. you're likely going to have a problem with some of the wine though if you want organic/local... it's a very international list and i dont' recall ever seeing an organic option that i know of. granted... if they're a really old vineyard they're probably still doign it up the traditional way and organic by proxy.

        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          Yip... there are many organic/biodynamic wines on the list, but I only state that on the wine list if the producer feels the need to state it on the label.

          1. re: Non Doctor

            Livingtoeat - I believe Niagara Street Cafe would qualify.

            Non Doctor - I personally love to see on a wine list which items are organic.

            1. re: garlicscapes

              From what I've heard, after a change of ownership a couple of years back Niagara Street Cafe radically downgraded their commitment to local and/or organic purchasing.

    2. Treadwell in Port Dalhousie/St Catherines. Expensive, but not out in the stratosphere like Eigensinn..... Treadwell is lovely, the food is local, and it's all delicious.

      1. la vert cafe or pulp juice bar in leslieville.

        1. You may want to check out Big Momma's Boy on Parliament. I went there for the first time last night and had lake trout from Georgian Bay (purchased from the same vendors who sell fresh and smoked fish at Riverdale and Dufferin Grove farmer's markets), which I think is sustainable. It was pretty good to boot. An honest, healthy meal in a casual and friendly setting. I ordered from the specials, but the menu seemed to have a definite local, organic bent.