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May 23, 2007 05:45 PM

Pleasant family meal at Lesters BBQ/Burlington

I surprised husband and son by taking them to Lester's BBQ after a nearby soccer practice. We've never been before and had a very good meal. Husband got a combo of babybacks, chicken and wings, son got babybacks, and I got pulled pork. The ribs were nice and smoky with tender meat. Loved my pulled pork. It was tender and smoky, very good quality meat.. Chicken was nice and spicy hot for husband. Sides included potato salad, vinegar green beans, mac and cheese, and smashed potatoes. I liked the potato salad best, strongly seasoned with dill. The mac and cheese was too mushy for our taste and the vinegar green beans grew on me. I enjoyed a Heineken, husband a bottled root beer,and son -- what else -- a coke.

We ate on the patio which was very pleasant as it was a nice night. It's a very family-friendly place and the waitstaff made my son feel welcome. There aren't a lot of places for family's that have good food and a pleasant atmosphere and staff so we'll definitely come back.

9 yr old's review: Get the babyback ribs. On a scale of one to ten, they're a ten. I liked the sweet sauce.

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