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Spice Village ( new Indian in Tuckahoe )

Has anyone tried the new Indian restaurant in the Tuckahoe mall, corner of Columbus and Main in Tuckahoe, "Spice Village" www.spicevillageny.com

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  1. oh my! im so excited! ill have to check it out!

    1. Where in the mall are they? Did they replace another restaurant?

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        Yes, they replaced the coffee place, ( also served food & had live music on occasion) I don't know the name.

      2. I just got back in town and saw this. I live a few minutes away, so I will try to report back in the next day or two.

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          I was there for lunch today, they opened May 21, 2007. I had the buffet for $12, it was OK, but not great, but then most buffets don't serve the best dishes. I found the spicing too mild and the dishes very rich and heavy with lots of creamy sauces and ghee. The service was quick and polite. They are trying to please. I would have to try their regular menu to see what the food is really like. The entree's are $13-22 with the majority in the $15-19 range, so it's a bit pricey. All in all on just a first visit to the buffet I find them just average, but this is just a first visit and I have to stress that I didn't try their regular menu.

          1. I ate there last weekend for dinner (regular menu not buffet) and had the lamb vindaloo and 2 other dishes. I have eaten at practically every indian restaurant in westchester and found the atmosphere and the food to be excellent. There is a small bar and outdoor seating. The restaurant was busy and the food was spicy and tasty - Vindaloos especially can be just "hot" without much flavor but this vindaloo was excellent and the pieces of lamb were tasty and tender. I agree with the other reviewer - the service was quick and polite and they are clearly trying to please. According to the owner this is an independent, family owned restaurant. I am glad to welcome them to Tuckahoe!

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              I was very pleasantly surprised. Giddy almost to have a quality Indian in this area. Chicken chettinand was excellent as was the chana masala. I ordered the sampler appetizer which was great -- lamb samosa, mixed tandoori grill, etc. Put it this way -- it was as good as the first time I ate at Coromandel in New Rochelle.

            2. We went last week with my MIL. She does not like spicy food so went with the chicken tikka masala and vegetable korma. They were very good and nice portions. I liked that there were actual vegetables (squash, broccoli, etc.) in the korma, not just potato and a few peas. Next time I will take my mom as she is more adventurous as they had some interesting vegetarian dishes I had not heard of before and would like to try.

              1. BEST FOOD EVER. this place is great . I have to say that I have been to a lot of Indian resturants but this one is the best by far