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May 23, 2007 05:42 PM

Spice Village ( new Indian in Tuckahoe )

Has anyone tried the new Indian restaurant in the Tuckahoe mall, corner of Columbus and Main in Tuckahoe, "Spice Village"

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  1. oh my! im so excited! ill have to check it out!

    1. Where in the mall are they? Did they replace another restaurant?

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        Yes, they replaced the coffee place, ( also served food & had live music on occasion) I don't know the name.

      2. I just got back in town and saw this. I live a few minutes away, so I will try to report back in the next day or two.

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          I was there for lunch today, they opened May 21, 2007. I had the buffet for $12, it was OK, but not great, but then most buffets don't serve the best dishes. I found the spicing too mild and the dishes very rich and heavy with lots of creamy sauces and ghee. The service was quick and polite. They are trying to please. I would have to try their regular menu to see what the food is really like. The entree's are $13-22 with the majority in the $15-19 range, so it's a bit pricey. All in all on just a first visit to the buffet I find them just average, but this is just a first visit and I have to stress that I didn't try their regular menu.

          1. I ate there last weekend for dinner (regular menu not buffet) and had the lamb vindaloo and 2 other dishes. I have eaten at practically every indian restaurant in westchester and found the atmosphere and the food to be excellent. There is a small bar and outdoor seating. The restaurant was busy and the food was spicy and tasty - Vindaloos especially can be just "hot" without much flavor but this vindaloo was excellent and the pieces of lamb were tasty and tender. I agree with the other reviewer - the service was quick and polite and they are clearly trying to please. According to the owner this is an independent, family owned restaurant. I am glad to welcome them to Tuckahoe!

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              I was very pleasantly surprised. Giddy almost to have a quality Indian in this area. Chicken chettinand was excellent as was the chana masala. I ordered the sampler appetizer which was great -- lamb samosa, mixed tandoori grill, etc. Put it this way -- it was as good as the first time I ate at Coromandel in New Rochelle.