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May 23, 2007 05:34 PM

What do you think of Jean Georges?

I've never been to Jean Georges, but it sounds marvelous. What have some of your experiences been dining there? Is there anything you would recommend getting? Also how do the desserts work? I noticed on menupages that they have dessert tasting menus of some sort.


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  1. In short, it is really really good. I go with the tasting menu which I believe changes at least seasonally.

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      Agreed - I had the tasting menu there a couple of months ago - forgot to report back.

    2. Go!

      I never thought I'd say a $200 lunch was reasonable, but you know what? It kind of totally was. If you go for lunch, they offer 20-25 choices; you start with any 2 for like $26 and then add as many more as you like for about $12 each. The prices I'm quoting may be wrong, but that's the concept. I think you get one dessert included as well, but the desserts are worth paying for--they have themes (autumn, chocolate, etc) and each one includes four riffs on the theme.

      Also, even for a really high-end resto, they have superlative service: attentive, thoughtful, non-judgemental (I asked for meat to be well done, but also salmon sashimi, and the waitress checked politely if I was okay with the raw fish). Also we ordered two of the desserts, but there was one dish on another dessert option that sounded intriguing (beet parfait with dried yogurt crystals). I asked about it, and the waitress just brought one out to us!

      The space is beautiful, and as I said, the service is impeccable. Super bonus points that the waitstaff are all "normal" people, with varying heights, weights, and features. No cookie-cutter "chi-chi" waitstaff here, just enthusiatic and solicitous.

      I won't spoil the surprise little dessert if it's still being served at meal's end, but watch out for huge glass jars filled with pastel brick-like things. They are served with scissors and tongs...

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      1. re: poho

        GREAT RESTAURANT with a tremendous staff. VERY VERY memorable. Per Se is great too.

      2. Nothing new to be said.
        Fantastic food, beautiful setting, impeccable service.
        And in the Manhattan fine-dining world, a 3 course lunch at $38 at at one of the top 10 restaurants in the city is a bargain. You can spend a whole lot of more money and get a whole lot less at other so called fine dining establishments.

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        1. re: Heavy Ed

          JG, IMHO, is simply the best overall restaurant in NYC.

        2. Haven't been to JG but had one of the greatest meals of my life at JoJo...worth looking into as well.