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Italian restaurant around Venice for party of 50?

Hey all,

First post in a long while (last time I posted I think I was a paying member, how long ago was that?).

Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions for Italian restaurants around Venice for a party of 50 in n a Friday night in November. Outside seating is not going to work, which is making the search a bit tough. Doesn't have to be in Venice, but within 2 mile radius is best. Of course, food is #1 priority, but it would be nice to have a view of the sea.


- Craig

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    1. re: clarkyp

      We looked at C&O. Food was pretty good, but we didn't like either dining area (outdoor one was okay but we are concerned it will be cold in Nov, and the inside one we felt was a bit too rough).

      - Craig

      1. re: craigrich

        This is probably for the better -- the food is just Chef Boyardee thrown on nice plates.

        1. re: glutton

          Actually I thought the one meal I've had at C&O was decent, certainly better than the dinner I had at Pasta Factory last night. Not bad, just bland. Very disappointing.

          - Craig

    2. What's your budget? I would suggest C&O's too in terms of location, although I would never call the food great (except for maybe the garlic knots when they're fresh). For something more upscale maybe I Cugini?

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      1. re: mollyomormon

        We shooting for around $2,000 for food an drink, so I guess its not a big budget. Let me look into Cugini, thanks...

        - Craig

        1. re: craigrich

          I went to a party of about 25 at i Cugini a few months ago. It was on the patio, and it was lovely. i Cugini is not at all trendy, but I think it's very a likable place!

      2. Il Forniao is the only place that comes to mind. Or I Cugini.

        No restaurant with an ocean view, though.

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        1. re: yogachik

          How about "Pasta Factory" on Washington (near C&O). I've not tried it yet, but read fairly good things and I think its big enough to hold us without having to rent out the whole restaurant.

          - Craig

        2. What about Il Moro? They have a private dining room that might be able to seat 50. It's not in Venice -- it's in West LA.

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          1. re: glutton

            Yes, Il Moro! I've eaten there once, quite good. Thank you for the suggestion, I'll check with them but I fear they will be outside of our budget.

            - Craig

          2. I tend to agree with Glutton. Venice restaurants don't lend themselves to large gatherings for the most part. The only Italian restaurant seeming to have enough square feet is C&O Cucina, where the old Black Whale used to be. I say seemingly because I can't remember if they had any sort of banquet room, or a single room large enough to fit 50 people comfortably. While I don't personally have an issue with their food, it is more about seeking the LCD (Lowest Common Denominator). I think big groups tend to overcome these issues (unless it's a banquet for Italiofiles), so it may not be an issue.

            And as Glutton also mentions, Il Moro is a worthy consideration. The food is great, the dining areas are nice, and it is often overlooked as a lunch spot for the surrounding businesses. They do have seperate rooms - at least before their remodel last year - haven't been since - but it's definitely worth a call...

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            1. re: bulavinaka

              C&O appears to have two dinning areas plenty big enough to accomodate 50 (although likely not private). I think the food at C&O would as you say meet the needs of a large party, but the outdoor seating area (which is the only real option, the indoor area is rough) is an issue for our Nov party in my opinion.

              Il Moro is great, I've eaten there just once. Will give them a call thanks...

              - Craig

            2. La Vecchia on Main would probably work. The food is great, although I'm not sure how it would fit into your budget. They would likely be willing to work out a special menu for you.

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              1. re: hrhboo

                I've not tried La Vecchia. I'll call, thanks!

                - Craig

              2. is Culver City too far away? definitely no view, and just a shot in the dark since I'm relying on my brother's recommendation - it is small and not sure they could close down within suggested budget but they do special events/corporate parties .. http://www.cucinaparadiso.net/

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                1. re: Local

                  I like Il Moro too.

                  Caffe Penguini is in Playa Del Rey at the end of Culver. You would have to book the entire restaurant. It is lovely. Next to ocean but no view.

                  Harbor Drive is a restaurant in Redondo on the water with views, etc. Although in November at dinner you will not be able to see anything as it will be dark but it is on the marina and there are boats. I bring this up because they are in midst of transforming to an Italian restaurant. Definitely has the space to host a party of fifty.

                  1. re: Densible

                    Redondo is too far south for us, but I'll check Caffe Penguini. Thanks for the suggestions.

                    - Craig

                  2. re: Local

                    My fiancee used to live near Cucina Paradiso, and I heard good things about it although we never ate there. I'll keep it mind though, thanks.

                    - Craig

                  3. Not necessarily italian, but Cafe Bizou in Santa Monica, has a private room, has everything, and should be able to do for your budget. Can bring your own wine for two dollar corkage, which would reduce the liquor bill. I've had parties there and everyone's been nice

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                    1. re: paprkutr

                      Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it out.

                      - Craig

                    2. Hey,
                      I've been to C & O (horrible food, I think) as well as the Pasta Factory (decent, but not the greatest ambience)...Good Italian in general is a little hard to find in Venice, I have to say. One other option--there is a very good Italian place on the 3rd St. Promenade. Although it doesn't look out onto the water, you are so close to the beach--The restaurant is large enough to house 50. Anyway, it's where my husband & I go when we just want great Italian food. Good luck!


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                      1. re: hippodeir

                        This isn't suitable for Craigrich's needs, but excellent Italian in Venice can be found at Piccolo.

                      2. i'd say c&o or fritto misto.

                        c&o is a good place for a bigger party, the outside patio is heated so you dont 'have to worry about it being cold and it's also in the middle of 2 buildings so it's not really all the windy.

                        fritto misto is a smaller restaurant but the food is good and the price is reasonable. i had a party of 30 there once so i think they can do 50. it's in santa monica.