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your favorite broccoli dish?

I took advantage of a great sale today and I now have oodles of broccoli ready to be transformed into dazzling dishes. I'm going to make my mom's creamy/tangy broccoli salad and -- hmm, what else??? Favorites?

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  1. Grilled broccoli with lemon and romano
    Sauteed with olive oil and garlic
    Broccoli with tortellini in white wine sauce

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      I definitely second the grilled broccoli method this time of year. I blanch it in salted water then skewer it and let it brown on the grill. Like roasting, without the oven heat.

      Also, cooked broccoli tossed with pasta, olive oil, salt and red pepper flakes. Simple but oh so good!

    2. I like to saute florets with olive oil, diced garlic, pine nuts, reconstituted and chopped sundried tomatoes, salt, pepper. When completely soft, mash up with the back of a spoon and serve over farfalle with some grated parmigiano reggiano

      1. 1. Toss lightly steamed broc in lots of finely sliced, sauted garlic, olive oil, and coarse salt.
        2. Broc soup: saute onions, add broth & broc, cook til done. Puree solids, add back to broth. Add salt, pepper, and buttermilk to taste, eat cold and warm, but don't simmer the buttermilk -- just heat til its warm.

        1. Steamed broccoli with a little bit of olive oil and Meyer lemon juice squeezed over is simple but yummy. I've taken to roasting broccoli lately too which gives it a whole new taste and texture.

          1. lightly steamed, with a goodly splash of balsamic.

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              Second this, except well cooked for me please... even *browned* in the microwave... love that browned, almost burned taste on broccoli... Also good on cauli.

              Of course for pure comforty broc, cheddar cheese sauce.

              Then again, I'm happy with a steamed head of broccoli, a salt shaker, and some ketchup... Heaven.

            2. Never had the patience to make it, but if you can't stand to toss all the stems, broccoli slaw is sooo good.

              Dare I mention that I also like beef broccoli?

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                I drizzle wth a little olive oil, salt and pepper, roast it for about 15 min and then sprinkle with parmesean cheese and roast another 5 min.

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                  On the if you don't like the stalks vein - save 'em, freeze 'em - use them for stocks

                2. I'm eating some right now: raw, dipped in honey mustard. Yum Snack !

                  1. Broccoli and cheese on a baked potato
                    Broccoli and cheese soup
                    Broccoli and cheese casserole

                    1. Would you be willing to share that salad recipe?

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                        I know you weren't asking me for the salad recipe, but here's one that seems to please most people when served:

                        Broccoli Salad

                        Dressing: 1/2 cup mayo
                        1Tbsp Vinegar
                        1/8 cup sugar

                        Mix & let sit. I increase the dressing by almost double.

                        Nuke briefly a bunch of broccoli (ist peel and cut into bite size pieces)

                        mix broccoli with dressing & the following:

                        4 strips of bacon cooked crisp & crumbled (I use double)
                        1/2 diced red onion
                        1/8 cup raisins (I use more & 1st I soak briefly in boiling water til plump)

                        I also add chopped nuts (walnuts or pine nuts)

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                          I make the same salad adding a cup of grated cheddar and substituting dried cherries for the raisins. If you leave out the fruit and use Spenda, it can be used for people who are on Atkins.

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                            I make broccoli and feta salad.. Chopped broc, crumbled feta, sunflower seeds, red onion, and a dressing made with a little mayo, vinegar, and all-purpose salad spice. It's fantastic. I do add bacon too, once in a while..

                            I don't cook the broc. at all beforehand, so this salad is best the next day.

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                            That's almost the exact recipe, posted by zook. Dressing is the same - I adjust the sugar and vinegar to taste. I don't heat/cook broccoli at all though and to the broccoli and dressing I add about 1/2 red onion, diced, and a bunch of chopped cashews and some dried cherries or berries. YUM. It really must sit overnight to reach its lovely potential. My mom has been making this salad for years and we all just adore it.

                          3. I eat broccoli all the time. If I'm making pasta, I'll throw it in the water for a minute and serve it alongside with a little shredded parm. If I'm sauteeing pierogies, I'll throw them in the pan and let it get flavored by some of the butter. I'll throw it in salads for extra crunch. I've even put it on the grill in a grill skillet with onions, garlic and red peppers.

                            1. Two salads I can think of: one with bacon, mayo, poached raisins and some of their poaching water, green onions. That's with pieces of whole broccoli. The other is with the shredded stems, peanut sauce, green onions, red peppers, cukes if you like, etc.

                              Oh, and a hot dish with steamed/boiled broccoli topped with hard boiled egg wedges and spicy thai peanut sauce.

                              And there are broccoli bread recipes out there. I am at work and can't get mine but it's good. Like zucchini bread.

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                                Thanks! When you get a chance, NeNePie, could I get that broccoli bread recipe? YUM. I've definitely never had anything like that and I'd love to try it!

                              2. Roast it! Toss with olive oil, garlic and salt and pepper, and then roast at 450 for about 10-15 minutes. I can eat it like popcorn.

                                It's also great if you slice it very very thinly, and then use it to top pizza.

                                1. Last Sunday morning I whipped up a classic batch of thick, lemony, butter-rich Hollandaise and while still in my jammies, curled up on the couch with a bowl of steamed organic broccoli spears, dunking away, wondering why I don't indulge in this glorious combination more often.

                                  1. The best in the world is to fry in a sautee pan with asparagus, olive oil, fresh crushed garlic and sesame seeds (no salt, pepper added when done) and when still crispy and almost cooked through slice camenbert over and let melt. Its gorgeous rich juicy and very healthy...

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                                      Wow, thanks -- I was hoping for a different spin on the broccoli-cheese marriage and this one sounds divine, especially b/c I'm a big fan of asparagus too! thanks * I also love my mom's classic broccoli-Velveeta (yes, Velveeta!) bake with lots of butter and Ritz crackers. Not healthy, but the perfect comfort food for a chilly spring evening!

                                    2. My kids 2nd favorite pasta sauce is from Lora Brody's book on broccoli (their first is tonnato sauce). I modified it thusly: steam a head of broc. In a processor, mix a clove or 2 of garlic, juice of a lemon and 1/4 c. (+) evoo. Add the broc (I think she has you pan fry after steaming which is one step too many for me) to the processor and whip. It's bright green and great over pasta with parm on top. It is also really good the next day cold for lunch.

                                      1. I love Marcellas broccoli and orrechiette recipe the key of which is anchovies and butter. Sometimes I make it without the pasta. Saute a couple of anchovies in butter and oil until they fall apart and become part of the oil and butter. Boil the broccoli for 2 minutes until it just starts to be tender, drain and add to the butter and oil mixture, saute until tender. You can also add some Parmesan cheese but I think the key is the salty nuttiness of the anchovies.


                                        1. For the stalks, I like to peel the hard outer layer and then slice or julienne, toss with salt and allow to drain for a couple of hours. Then toss with hot chili oil and toasted sesame oil. Makes a nice appetizer/snack.