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May 23, 2007 05:04 PM

hokusai - new in BH

Trying this restaurant tonight - incidentally was reviewed in LAT today. any thoughts?

it's on Wilshire and Gale in the old Continental spot - which was awful - but apparently it's been redone.

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  1. At a tasting dinner we had the toro that you cook on a hot stone -- sounds gimmicky but it was really good!

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        my friend had the omakase - and i did notice that each of the portions were very generous - i ate a lot off of each one of his 6 plates. they were creative and nicely presented, and the omakase didn't feel too expensive. We arrived within the happy hour time on purpose (5-7), but were told that happy hour prices were only available at the bar...that said, martinis were $12 each, which felt a little high.

        the restaurant's decor has dramatically improved since it was Continental, although it kind of has the feeling that some strip mall/casual sushi joints have (boss sushi, fat fish) like they've put these heavy black table cloths on all the tables and have closed the blinds - and that's supposed to equal sophistication...but it doesn't. it doesn't feel original.

        it's certainly not koi or katsuya, and i think for my money I would stick with hirozen or azami on a wednesday night.

        also my tivo managed to screw up american that could be impacting my review.