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May 23, 2007 05:04 PM

North Attleboro, Attleboro area?

I'm looking for a rec for the Attleboro area...I'll even take a Provdience rec but trying to see if there is anything in A-town.

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  1. Nothing? Nada? What do those poor folk eat down there?
    Looks like I'm traveling to Providence.

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      1. re: Devilsfood

        Also, if you are looking for a 'pub type' atmosphere try Cheiftain.

      2. No idea what kind of cuisine you're looking for.

        If you want first-class buffalo wings, Wendell's Pub, a dive bar in Norton, does them as well as any I've ever had.

        Quan's Kitchen in North Attleboro also does very good Chinese food (especially for a suburban spot) as well as sushi, though I haven't tried the latter there.

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        1. re: bachslunch

          Thanks - I'm looking for anything, figured I'd start there.

        2. The Colonel Blackinton Inn is good, classic and quaint and has outdoor summer seating. Raw oysters, steaks, seafood, lamb, etc. Little bit pricey considering the quality.

          I warmly recommend Bistro 45 (used to be called Gourmet House - same thing tho) on the main drag in North Attleboro - Providence style restaurant at Attleboro prices, with a subtle Mediterranean and Eastern Euro flair. Alternating and inexpensive Euro beer selections. I hope this place stays open...
          45 North Washington St, (508) 699-4677

          Cafe Porto Bello is an Italian place right down the street from the Bistro and always popular but my two experiences were below-average.

          Rancho Chico in Plainville and El Azteca in Attleboro are both adequate and festive greasy-platter style Mexican places (Azteca is more authentic and casual).

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          1. re: Snakebite

            Bistro 45 is awesome. I think Memphis Steakhouse has gone downhill. Try
            the north end deli for italian stuff.

            1. re: kakalina eats

              I live 1 mile from Memphis Roadhouse and when we moved here 10 years ago, there wasn’t a Friday or Saturday that went by where you wouldn’t see people waiting out front for 45 mins to have dinner. We of course fell in love with the BBQ there and would pop in for drinks occasionally as they have a great tequila selection. Then with the explosion of even more chain restaurants on Rt 1 in the past 4-5 years it has really taken a volume hit. I believe the volume hit has lead to slightly lower quality food coming out. It is still decent and good BBQ for the most part, but it used to be much better and busier.

              Half the fun was the fact that it was energized and people were flying in and out and the food is moving quickly etc…….now if there are 25 cars in the parking lot on a Friday night, it is a good night. Sad really.

              1. re: River19

                Sorry to say that I was there recently and thought it was awful...the worst dinner I have had in a very long time. Mushy meat, overly salty, and yeah, the place was pretty empty. I'm sure it was good at one point but something must have changed.

                1. re: hollerhither

                  I agree, this place only for apps and drinks (their wings are still good) until they turn it around, if they ever turn it around.

          2. There's a little pub-type place - Wetherlaine's - on Route 123 across from Capron Park. It's a small, crowded spot with a large casual menu - good food and reasonable prices. Never had a bad meal there.

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            1. re: Tunia

              Yes, Wetherlaine's is a fun place We end up there 90% of the time when visiting in the Attleboro area. We always order their onion rings, which are addictive. Wait staff is friendly and accomodating. A no fail place!
              Tom's Tavern is similar joint over in Wrentham. Good place for kids and adults. VERY casual, serving pub food. It must rock during a Pat's game.....